A fantastico solution to Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the worst. If it is extreme it gives itches and psoriasis. What can be done to reduce dry skin and eradicate it from occurring again. By simply following the below rules, you can show the exit door to dry skin.

Follow the below rules strictly, you will gain new skin that is so supple and shining. Prevention is better than cure. You have got dry skin, how can prevent it against turning into various major skin diseases.

Keep your body clean

Always keep your body clean. Do not use soap but you can use soaps suggested by your doctor. Keep your body clean to save ti from itching, cracking, flakes, etc. To help heal dry skin and prevent its return, dermatologists recommend the following.

Don’t take long baths

Your skin is dry. Then why do you have to take long baths? It will make your skin even worse. Use warm water for taking baths. Never use hot water. It will dry your skin even more. Use a dry towel after taking bath Have some limitations regarding baths. Take only five minutes. It is more than enough to cleanse the body.

Apply body lotions

You have taken baths; Of course, the next step is to apply body lotion. If your skin is extra dry, buy Liquid Paraffin from the medical store. Nowadays they are selling it in the grocery shop itself. You will see a big change in your skin.

Apply petroleum jelly or glycerin on lips

Is your lip also dry? Then why don’t you try using lip balms especially glycerin or petroleum jelly or from your home itself a product is available almost 24/7 which is ghee.Your lips will thank you.

Never use chemical products

Many make this mistake frequently. My suggestion, what is the necessity? These products comes with side effects. Why don’t they want to try these in the first place? Time and money is wasted. Avoid scented soaps at all costs.

If you follow the above rules , you will get a skin that not only glows but also will look healthy. Never waste your time and money in scented products, it is of no use to your skin. Taking long baths means you are drying your skin even more. So take a short bath always. I will also suggest if you wear cotton clothes on summer wear a gloves for your hands and legs. This is strictly my advice. The gloves will protect people with dry skin from over sun exposure, pollution, etc, It is advisable. But if you don’t wear gloves thinking what other people will think, it is your loss. So dry skin means you should be more careful what you eat also. Say No to junk foods and spicy foods. Say yes to curds, butter, milk, etc. These are simple rules which you can follow anytime even from today. All the best to a new, healthy, shiny looking skin.

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