A fantastico solution to combination skin

What is Combination Skin?

Does any of you have combination skin or people you know have combination skin? Read this article to know more about the skin type and what solutions are available for you or for them.

Combination is nothing but a mixture of two skin types, it may be normal skin and oily skin or dry skin and oily skin. T-zone nose, chin and forehead are oily then you or someone you know definitely has combination skin.

What is the primary cause of combination skin?

It can be said it is heredity or because of genes like any other skin types. It is bit odd when it is combination skin. Other skin types have permanent solution to their problems, this skin type takes some time to cure the root cause.

Oil glands around Nose, chin and forehead are the problems for combination skin. Some people have dry skin on other areas and other people have normal skin. If your T-zone is oily, then you have combination skin. You can use moistures for other areas and astringent for T-zone area.

What products combination skin people can use?

If your skin is dry and some of the areas are oily- Use lemon juice in the oily area to avoid getting pimples, if you already have, the number of pimples will be reduced to an extent, it will no longer be a threat to your body. For dry areas, use moisturizing lotions after bathing. If your skin is extra dry, use warm water to take bath. Cleanse your face thrice a day.

If your skin is normal and some of the areas are oily- People don’t have to worry about this skin type. They must just use lemon juice with honey to T-Zone area and other areas which are oily or they can take bath twice a day. It is advisable they take bath twice a day and clean their face thrice a day.

If your skin is very oily and T-zone is more than oily- Take hot baths twice a day. As oil secretion is more, you have to take wise decisions not to make any mistake. Nature has gifted you this body, whether you like it or not, this is your body. So if your skin is too oily, use astringent, wash your face many times in a day, cleanse your face and remove the dirt if you or anyone you know has this type of skin. If you or they are office goers, they must take bath after coming from office.They must not eat oily foods.

These are the varieties of combination skin. If you or anyone you know has this skin type, please ask them or you read it and spread the word. Word of mouth spreads more than advertising a product on TV.

There are websites which lets you know whether your skin is normal, dry, oily, combination or sensitive. You can visit these websites and check the skin type and find solutions in my blog or in their website itself if they offer than service.

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