A peppy fact about Job interviews

Interviews are conducted to choose the right candidate for a particular job. After the interview, the interviewer must collect the facts and must decide which candidate is suitable for this job. Interviewing improves his quality to find the right candidate. It helps evaluate themselves. There are seven types of interview. They are as follows.

Types of interviews

Already the interview is pre-planned by interviewer or the company. Fact finding is the main purpose of the interview.

Face to face interview

It is based on job duties. It is a straight forward interview.

Non-directed interview

It is an unplanned interview, so the interviewer talks about himself in the interview elaborately. The feelings, emotions and problems of the interviewee is found out in this type of interview.

Stress interview

This interview is to put stress on the interviewee so that emotional strain of the person can be found out. Resistance of stress is most important in this interview.

Group interview

A problem is given to solve by a group of interviewee’s. They discusss the problem in this interview while the interviewer sits in the background and watches them. Leadership abilities are assessed in this type of interview.

Board interview

A candidate is screened by a set of interviewers, say specialists in their respective fields.

Exit interview

An employee may not like the company he is working or he/she got a best salary package in another company. At this point, the employee is interviewed by the interviewer to know the emotions of the employee, what he/she thinks about this company they worked for.

These are all the kinds of interviews conducted by a company. Some company may follow their own rules and regulations for different job positions but the face-to-face interview and Non-directed interview and group interview remains the same in many companies. These kind of interviews are followed strictly by the company.


An employee is analyzed based on his skills. If he/she doesn’t have that skill to work for a particular job, they are rejected by the company. Sometimes, the company says, currently you are rejected, we have kept your CV or Resume when a future job position opens up to relieve the stress of the interviewee or to boost their spirit.

In many companies, they don’t screen the interviewee properly. Face to face interview must be the first interview to analyze the interviewee’s capability. If the interviewer finds he/she is suitable for this job, they should not waste time by going to the next round of interview.

I have attended many interviews, and in most of them, face to face interview(HR) is conducted at the last. What is wrong? The right candidate is rejected in the first round. The interviewer must take this into account, face to face interview and non-directed interview are the best type of interviews to assess an interviewee’s skill level. If they understand this, they will choose the right candidate for their company.

One more thing is, there are some people who have studied in other medium schools, telugu, tamil, gujarathi, hindi, etc these people should be given a chance strictly speaking. It is not like they don’t have the skill to work. They must give everyone, the job they deserve.

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