Pollution is a threat to Humanity

Pollution poses one of the greatest challenges in India. There are various types of pollution, to state a few, air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. These are all having ill effects on humanity such as TB, lung cancer due to inhaling cigarette smokers, etc. Noise pollution causes hearing imparment. It is due to horn sounds. Water pollution is like a slow poison to human beings and animals.Let me now discuss each of the pollution in detail.

Air pollution

Air pollution is caused by the emission of carbon dioxide from the running vehicles. It is also caused by the effect of emission of smoke generated by big factories. For instance, cement manufacturing companies. There is no other way of producing cements without polluting the air. Even though such companies argues they use high tech filters, we have to be aware at least 25% of pollution is caused by them. The vulnerable group of workers without knowing their status of health because of emission of chemicals, they work with their mouth shut. They fall prey to such chemicals to feed their families. Because of the bad effect of the air pollution, some companies are giving Horlicks to its workers which must be appreciated.

More plants and tress are the need of the hour

Planting of more plants and trees are vital at this stage as people will be able to get pure oxygen. Traffic policemen should be provided a mask. So that he doesn’t have to inhale polluted air and also medical checkups unnecessarily. Twice a year medical checkup should be encouraged.

Noise pollution

Most of the poor hearing problems arise because of noise pollution. Usually, we come across this pollution in market area and other places like Bazaar where the sound speakers are set up during the festival. Even when we travel in a busy area, the noise pollution is high. We don’t have to say about the traffic jams where traffic policemen are shouting. It creates mental stress for both common man and traffic policemen.

Water pollution or water contamination

Water pollution happens everywhere. In cities, it is caused because of the manufacturing factories throwing the wastes on the river. While in villages, they take their animals such as goats and cows to bathe on the lakes and even humans bathe there. They drink this water too which is utter foolishness.

Village people must be educated and the companies should shift their companies where there is no river or lake.

Any type of pollution can be avoided if proper measures are taken by the authorities before in hand. Big company owners and the politicians must put themselves in the shoes of the lower middle class and poor people. If they do this our country. India will become a pollution free nation.


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It is a good thing or a bad thing

Watching soap operas, movies, texting can be very entertaining but what damage and irritation it causes to our eyes and body. For some people without eating snacks they won’t watch any programs on TV and for others it gives an immense satisfaction when they engage themselves with multiple chores like cutting vegetables, doing office work on laptop and watching TV simultaneously. I want to ask, does these justify as a healthy habit? No.

These social media makes you addicted to it, and it becomes impossible for many to get de-addicted because it becomes very difficult later on. In my opinion, it is a kind of disease. Does anyone has agreed to pay them money for watching these IDIOT BOX or the parents who has allowed their children to watch cartoons(that harm their eyes)benefit from it?

Social media like facebook, orkut, television, movies makes us stupid and also intelligent. There are some people who watch only selective, good programs both on tv and surf through Internet. They use these social media very wisely. I appreciate them absolutely. Yet, there must be a limit set for these. Learning as many good things such as enrolling ourselves on a variety of programs offline and that will stay with us for a longer period and is useful for us until we die.

I have personally experienced this when I was a newly joined member on social media which is facebook. Once I accepted many friend requests that came from guys considering the only fact that we all had mutual friends. Another reason was I don’t really have any business with them and also I am not going to speak with them in particular .But it didn’t happen that way.

I uploaded my photo, I got many requests from many boys. It was less than five before uploading my photo.Now it has become after uploading photo and before uploading photo. Do i have to mention that photo was more than a year old?. But anyway I accepted some of them. They started saying hi and were very eager to get to know me. It was the same experience for all my friends. I said some silly reasons to escape (poor me LoL) from them like my friend is online, one of my relative is online where they are actually not.

Once I was offline chat when my friend updated her status. Without thinking I’m actually offline I gave a like. Within seconds, a guy came to chat by saying hi. It is not like he doesn’t have many friends. He has more than hundred friends. I was totally shocked by this cheap act. It was really annoying. Who said girls are chattier than boys? Here, I have proof to say we are actually not. Is it a duty that they have to chat with the girls or their life gets over if they didn’t? Or do you know how many girls gives requests to boys. I am not saying they are bad but this chatty behavior is so irritating.


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Hyper Inflation

If there seems to be a high raise in the price level even though the increase is unchecked is called hyper inflation It is reported per day or may be reported per week or per month. However, it is somehow reported through some media or through someone. Inflation may seem simple to understand and also feel you have a fantastic understanding of Inflation but in most cases, we are wrong. If it’s a commerce or economics student, they have a great opinion about Inflation and deflation but for others, it is just a question mark. They have to know what inflation is. Why we read more news about Inflation? Why dollar rate is increasing or decreasing, they must know. One rupee value is equal to fifty rupees in Sri Lanka. Why it is so? We must ask ourselves. India is a developing country, if a fantastico prime minister who has great knowledge about economics is appointed to our country, our future generations will have a brighter future. Hyperinflation states that Inflation is out of control. The statement is indeed true. The value of one dollar yesterday, today and tomorrow! Now I hope everyone has a basic understanding of inflation. The rate of increase in price is also high. It is that simple.

One fine example of Hyperinflations is that on July 1946, Hungary experienced it and in the same year, Hungarian National Bank issued 10 quintillion pengo note which is nothing but number one followed by nineteen zeroes. Hyper Inflation was at peak in Germany too from the year 1922 to 1923, they posted a posted stamps with the value of one billion marks. It also doubled every two days. Yugo Slovakia also faced Hyperinflation in October 1, 1993 and also on January 24, 1995.

Impact  of Hyper Inflation  is due to  any one of  the following.

Large debt of the government

In order to avoid debt, the government prints money. This is one of the primary cause for decreasing in the value of money. The people are expecting more salary than expected because of this. They usually demand it by way of public strike.

The government faces difficulty in handling money which might cause recession as a result..

Economic Costs

Bank interest rate is higher than inflation rates. If you keep the money in savings account in banks, you will be saved. Inflation rates will not worry you. But if you didn’t keep, it is a cause of worry. When inflation rates are high, the interest rate is lower than that, people who saved in banks will feel their money is wasted. In a modern economy, interest rates are usually higher than the inflation rate.

Menu costs

Menu costs are costs in which each minute, each second, the value of price for product, say drinking coffee from a shop fluctuates. It increases most of the time. So after getting the salaries, in olden days, people will go directly to buy something useful like grocery items immediately without wasting a nanosecond. This was the case especially in Germany.

No confidence

The impact of inflation may cause suspicions, people may doubt even the bankers have wrong intentions of using their money for selfish purposes. They don’t trust them that easily.

Economic growth

The standard of living of people will become poor, the companies will not invest their money, thus leading to slow economic growth.

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My favorite

The below are my two most favorite soap opera and I am telling you to watch these shows to have real fun and entertainment. There’s no pornography or that strong adult/violent content in these shows like in India. You will be surprised how much you love these shows from Indian shows (which says the same thing-Saas Bahu serials and in movies, the villains and the heros-Hate and love). It gives much relief from all that non-sense.

High Kick 3 : The revenge of the short legged

I am not sure why they named this serial which runs for half and hour(below 130 episodes), revenge of the short legged. But High Kick really suits the title because the serial is a third story about two families and how they are connected to each other through a tunnel when Nae sung, the father of two teenagers accidently digs underground to escape from the debtors. It was very funny and it sure is a fantastico story. Actor Lee Jong Suk and Krystal fight with each other in this serial from the beginning. Kang Seung yoon is a great musician, he has serials helping syndrome, and he can’t say, “No” to anyone he meets. He believes strongly, the earth is a square and he is actively in a blog where people believe earth is square. He wants to become the president of his country. Does Lee Jong Suk express his love for his neighbor girl? Why his neighbor girl love Lee Jong Suk’s uncle?Does Kang Seung Yoon become the president? Did Nae sung pay off his debtors? What happened to Jin Hee after she got a nice job that pays her more? Watch the story to find out.

I can hear your voice

This is also a serial, where Lee Jong Suk is the main protagonist. Lee Jong Suk and actress Lee Bo Na are the two major cast. When actor Lee Jong Suk was young, his father is murdered. Due to that incident he is able to hear what other person is thinking. Young Lee Bo Na and her fr-enemy are the only witness. While her frenemy betrays her at the end, Young Lee Bo Na(the role is played by actress Kim So Hyun), walks bravely and tells about the crime done by the man. After 10 years have passed, Lee Bo Na somehow becomes court appointed advocate, now the man who killed Lee Jong Suk”s father want to take revenge on Lee Bo Na. Will Lee Jong suk save Lee Bo Na from getting killed? Watch the story. It has lot of fun elements in it. You can’t fall in love with Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Na’s character. Lee Bo Na’s character is quirky, funny, when Lee Jong suk is unfound, she just doesn’t care to win any of her cases. When he returns with no memory, she tries hard to win his case in which he is accused. Her selfish character which is very interesting to watch is a real spot on. This serial runs for one hour and it has 20 episodes.

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What you need in your house?

Living Room

Does your living room has a sofa or couch for guests to sit comfortably and talk? Does it at least have a chair? Does it have a fan and tube light?Does it have a television, computer (you may have this in your bedroom too)


Does your kitchen have everything? Does it miss out on anything? Look at your kitchen, do you have all the utensils needed for your household? Do you lack anything? Cooker, Microwave oven, etc are basic needs in this modern world as we hurry for office, both men and women. Women have come out of their cocoon, so they cook for their husband and children and have to hurry their butts to go to office too. They are multifaceted. Dish washer, sponges, knives, cookware’s, utensils are necessities in a kitchen.


Does your bedroom have everything for you to sleep with comfort/? Does it miss anything? Does it have a nice bed? Does it have a bookshelf for you to read when you don’t feel like sleeping? Pillows, blankets will be already there I guess, apart from fan, air coolers and tube light.


Does our bathroom look clean?Does stagnated water is still there after bathing? If so, you have to clean it as it will create unnecessary complications in your family’s health. When you go to bathroom, you need towel and clothes. Soaps and shampoos must be already there, so you need not worry about it.Toothbrush and toothpaste, you can keep it in your wardrobe. Each one of you in your family can have separate toothpaste and toothbrush which they can keep in their wardrobe. Other than this, toilet cleaner is a must in a bathroom/toilet.

During flood/tsunami/cyclone announcement

In times of flood announcement especially the current can go off, there will be no net connections to communicate with your friends and family living elsewhere. What you should have? You can go to a nearby shop and buy the necessary things to cook for two weeks. You can have emergency lights, you can have radio, and other things you think you need in times during flood or cyclone. If you are rich, you can buy emergency lights to give it to your servants and you can also buy them vegetables and fruits for eating. You can make them feel secure.

The above are the things that is needed for a secured life. If you own one house, it is more than enough to live safely. You don’t need fancy cars, you don’t need many houses, you don’t need many luxury items which just gives false joy.

Sometimes, we realize in our later part of life, what we needed in our childhood is different from what we needed when we reached adulthood. It just doesn’t make sense. When we reach adulthood and reach old age, what we needed in adulthood doesn’t make sense. To die a peaceful death, making sure our family lives happily after we die is what we think during old age. Am I missing something?What is the impact you had after reading this post?

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Consumers are the kings, companies are the queens

Consumers, today cannot be cheated. They have got beautiful insight which helps them in buying things for their household. They have a very calculated mind too and their impact on shops and stores is undeniable. They take lot of time to select a particular product. They see every company or departmental stores in new light. Whether they are purchasing the right product or wrong product, whether it is much needed in their house or not is analyzed thoroughly by the consumer each day.Though the poor has no choice except to buy some necessary items such as pens, pencils, notebooks, rice and sugar(which is given in ration shop run by government), others just think twice or thrice before buying other products such as dress materials, jeans, Oats, Jams, snacks items, etc. The business man if he doesn’t have proper innovative skills, his company may go into loss. I am talking about the petty shops too. Many shops have to be shut down because many products are not sold out.

That’s why I am saying that in each street a store must be built so that consumers are able to travel easily with ease and comfort and are able to buy the product he/she needs such as soap, paste, Milk, meat, cheese, paneer, etc. They calculate the quality, quantity, traveling time, etc and then decide whether or not to purchase the product and how they will be benefitted if they go to that shop or store. The business must have fair knowledge otherwise he will lose in the market. He may go in debt also.

The needs and wants of the consumer must be analyzed first. He has to double check and have a copy of what was sold out in the previous month and how much was sold out in the previous month and buy products accordingly. This is a very basic principle. The desires of the consumers are fluctuating, so he/she cannot expect the customer to buy the same product that they purchased the previous month but he/she should be very friendly to the customers and always be diplomatic in handling them. As the customer if they didn’t like the service of the store or shop, they will go to another shop or store. If there are alternatives if would they come to his store or shop?

People change according to time, place and situations. So he/she must be aware of it .That desperate about succeeding? Then you have got to be different from others. This is the only goal he/she must have in her mind. Customers should be satisfied by the shop/store’s service, if they are satisfied they would go tell their neighbors, friends and family through word of mouth which spreads more than an advertisement can possibly do. He/she who runs the store/shop must find innovative ways to help the customers. He must not be lazy and he must stand out from his rival companies in serving the customer.

The mentality of the consumer cannot be same. So he/she must accept this basic fact and mentality vise him/her must match the customers always when meeting them. Their tastes and preference should be analyzed thoroughly on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis. In short, he/she should research and his expectations from the consumer must be realistic.

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HIV and AIDS(Immunity power is less)

Why HIV/AIDS education?

Each day, the impact of HIV infections are raising at a peak rate especially in our country which is India. What is the real reason? I will give immediate solutions (in my point of view) to eradicate HIV/AIDS in the simplest manner possible.

Sex education in schools and colleges

Sex education is vital in every schools and colleges. Marriage age for men and women can be 24 for both gender. Sex is a sacred thing, we should not make it unholy by having multiple sexual partners. If everyone in this world has one spouse, there will be no death due to HIV/AIDS.

Immunity power

HIV infections arise because of low immunity power. How can we improve or raise our immunity power? By drinking lots of fruit juice and by eating lots of vegetables that makes us live healthily.

Warning people

It is better to be safe than sorry. Educating people about the possibilities of HIV/AIDS in every nook and corner of India. We must let the villagers know it too as there are high chances, they may get this by accident without knowing what caused it.

Schools and colleges should visit villages and hospitals where HIV/AIDS infected people are there.

If schools doen’t agree, the colleges must make it compulsory to visit HIV/AIDS affected people in hospitals. They must see these people talk about how they got HIV/AIDS. If no one is willing to talk about it, then the management can talk about some of their patients and how they got the disease.

Ignorance and Fear
Ignorance and fear are two things which must be implemented in our life. We must ignore all things that tempts us such as for men and women, sex workers (I am talking about some), and abolish their fears from the root.

Impact of HIV/AIDS
Many don’t know why they want to see other women or men when they have a spouse already. Their spouse may be incompatible with them or they may be less beautiful/handsome than the other person who they are seeing. This is not to be blamed. They are right, of course. Two partners are okay, if they go to many sexual partners because of sex addiction, then arises this problem, HIV infection leading to AIDS.

Do animals have any of the diseases, we, humans are worrying, HIV/AIDS, Malignant cancer, Diabetes, etc. The answer is “No” or we know only when we take it to a veterinarian but the animals doesn’t worry for itself if there is a solution to its disease. It comes back to normal like it used to. Do they get HIV/AIDS?
Since we started to speak, we have been doing stupid things in this world. This world has become a corrupted world where sympathy for fellow humans is missing. There is a famous proverb, when you have a problem, 5% will help, 15% don’t care, 80% will be happy you had them. This is a very harsh truth but we have to accept it.
HIV/AIDS can be cured if the scientists put their genuine effort as to how to fight the HIV infections and win the battle.




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