Impact of Non-vegetarianism : Pity indeed

Why do we have to kill animals and eat them? Why am I asking these is it is because of killing these animals and eating it we are acting as animals. God may have said to eat some animals but why do we have to eat them if we have vegetables and fruits available in the market.

Just think about this. The God you are talking about may have said through someone to eat these animals and insects for food but aren’t you educated, you have enough knowledge don’t you? Human instinct is more powerful than animal instinct. How can there be people who harm an animal which doesn’t talk?I am talking on behalf of all animals.

It is such a poor thing. I take pity on them. What mistake the hen, goat, cow, pig and prawn do? If God gave them the power to talk, they will be more powerful than us. They are just living beings just like us. God created everything equal. But the speaking power he gave to us as he made us in his form. If you agree to this? Like God is merciful on us, can we be merciful on animals too. It’s a vicious cycle. God shows mercy on us, He/She forgives our mistakes. Just like that, can we forgive the animals whatever stupid thing they did. Let us be caring and affectionate towards the animals. Why do in many homes, they have pets such as dogs, cats, parrots and love birds. I don’t really understand , it relaxes us and acts as a stress buster but these can be done by other animals except the dangerous ones like elephant, snakes, etc.

Let us put ourselves in the shoes of these butchered animals. The brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, bones, the whole body is cut off into many pieces. We the people buy it and enjoy eating it than vegetarian foods. If this was done to us, if in case we are low lives, and the animals eat us how would we feel? Thinking about it, is really painful isn’t it.

Whoever preys on the weak will be punished somehow. In our next life may be, if we believe so. That’s why I am inspired by a book and want to make an announcement to all my readers. Become a vegetarian. Eat lots of fruits. Don’t buy meat. Please know that it does more harm than good. Can you understand the mindset of someone who runs these shops? It may be for money but the poor lives which is indeed a sad thing cries for help but not able to do so, that’s why shouts so that the person who is going to butcher it leave it alone. But is this a case? No. They take no mercy. Fish is the most pitiful. It suffocates and dies a painful death. That is when we reach ripe old age, many suffocate and die a painful death. In this world, there is nothing that cannot be answered. We have got the knowledge and power. So let us use them in a wise manner.

There is no proof God is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian(Does God eat?). If he is a non-vegetarian why don’t we eat other animals(strong proof needed), also why only certain pitiful animals.What impact it has on us?We may act like animals.Live, let them live.

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