Impact of making crafts

History of crochet is very amusing. The word “Crochet” is originally derived from the country, France.Hook is the real meaning for this lovely Handicraft in English.The reason for the same is that crochet needle differs totally from normal stitching needle.

My teacher is a wonderful person, she knows all the craft makings, her family is a friend of my grandparents, so she taught me many crafts for free. She is an expert in knitting crochet but does not know why it’s called crochet in the first place. Without knowing itself, she is drawn towards it and she has become a beautiful knitter. Moreover, she has also  learned to knit a variety of designs using her knowledge bank.

Learning crotchet requires lot of patience. If we nail this art, we can make beautiful earrings, handbags, table mat, etc. But the thing is that it is very difficult to learn. I was trying to learn this art by a good teacher, I didn’t get it right. Holding the needle and putting the first knot took me almost three-four days.

Almost all over the world, people love this art but are not willing to learn this art except willing to pay any amount to buy it. I am asking why we can’t learn this. It’s an add-on to our talents. We have internet in our homes, we can learn this from our home itself. No need to go pay hefty fees.


While ordinary needle looks small and thin, crochet needle looks bigger in size and has a hook bent at the tip of the needle top.That is why it is formerly known as crochet(hook).For first time learners, knitting using crochet needle may seem ironically difficult but once a person has learned to pull the yarn using the hook and formed a chain, there is no need to worry.



Practice plays a significant role in all kinds of handicrafts, especially, if anyone is very serious about crochet, they must keep only one thing in mind, “Never give up”  as there are many occasions in which a person may be tempted to withdraw.

By keeping this simple rule in mind, it is easy for anyone to make loads of popular, eye-catchy things out of crochet(it has great impact on us too) such as Children’s socks, sweater, purse, cell phone covers, table mat, earrings and much more. For this to happen, one must be different and dare to try it.

We can learn not only crotchet, many other crafts. Does watching soap operas and cinemas pays you?Doing these crafts will make you feel proud of yourself and it gives you a satisfaction only people who are into craft making have experienced. I can make variety of studs in paper quilling, it relaxes me. My mother is good at making organdy flowers, plastic and paper flowers which is used to decorate on weddings. We are not immortals. Let us help ourselves by learning new, innovative things that helps us to enjoy our life meaningfully.

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