Experiences speak louder than words

A peppy talk

In schools, these days what do they teach? Some children are socially awkward, some are really aggressive at such a young age, some children lack concentration power? Parents have to be blamed first as the children were with them when they were till three-four years. Teachers must make initiatives to catch the children young.

Let me tell you a story about a girl who completed her 6th grade in a Tamil Medium school and her father transferred to Trichy and she was put in an English medium school. She was blank. She don’t know how to converse in English. She was mentally affected as the teachers were giving lot of homework’s that she could not complete on time.

She just cried and made a big scene and finally due to her stubbornness her parents made a decision that is drop her out of the school and search for another school. They found the right school in Trichy. The strength of the students in each class were very less, so individual attention to the students were possible. But what I found as injustice she was again put in 6th grade to learn the basics as it is a English medium school.

The girl now is a blogger, human rights activist, student, interested in far reaching political news and deeply cares for the society’s well-being. Do you know this girl? Of course, you do.

Give the child, the attention she/he deserves. They will able to come out of their shell with flying colors.

Children are just lent to parents. So a parent doesn’t have the right to beat the children and scold the children. So does the teachers. Be logical and innovative to make the children listen to you, if you are a parent or teacher.

Some children bottle up their emotions, which is a bad thing. These children must need great care and affection. They must know they are loved and they are safe with them. Children need to know that their parents can be trusted with their secrets otherwise parents will be responsible for the child’s mess of a life.

From my experience, when I was studying in 6th std in an esteemed school, a girl with my age who was working as a house maid came to take a little girl to her parents.

She is a school dropout. Who is to be blamed? Her story was very sad. I will not say her parents are to be blamed. I will say the Government instead of taking pride accomplishing the small things, when will they accomplish the big things and shout with joy? When will all the people in this world attain equality? Currency is just playing with fire. Because of money and power only lakhs and lakhs of people commit crimes. Print more currency and build a house for these poor people and give free education. They will bless you. Make rich people smile, you don’t deserve to live.Make poor people smile, you deserve everything life has to offer.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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