A true verdict about Christianity

This is a goodbye letter to Christianity.I was a christian.

So I’m requesting you christians who are reading this article to read very, very , very slowly. I am quick and don’t sleep read.If God is with you, he will make you understand the mindset of fools like me.


You say, Jesus had 12 disciples. I say my watch shows only 12 numbers but I say, I should not waste my time(Day/Night) but use it meaningfully with meaningful people according to me who want to uplift me to their level and lead me somewhere.

Small minds think alike-an impact Christianity had on me

Human beings are Gods. As one person has the ability and capacity to kill/rule whoever they want given their strength, money and power. The owner of our life is everybody and anybody even us. For instance, you don’t like me. You can kill me. But finally, you are also going to die a very very painful death even your children are going to die a very very painful death one day is a reality. If you commit suicide, since you have taken your own life, you will remain dead/your family will be cursed is an assumption said by a young nun(school days).Do you believe it?

Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.

Whoever is not against me is for me. Whoever is not against you is for you. I have very few people on my side but I feel very content.

And to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you,1 Thessalonians 4:11

So let us Christians follow this from now on.I will also follow this from now on as I have learned my lessons.

People who fear God or your parents who fear God,

You are very very sure God will nitpick you, and He will want you in Heaven???.Are you a Jew like Bill Gates(Huh, really) or born in Abraham’s family-David’s family-yesterday’s Joseph and Jesus, Noah’s family, John the Baptist family, Elizabeth’s family, Moses family, Solomon’s family???Jesus-the son of Abraham, the son of David, the son of Joseph. You are an Indian. Aren’t you feeling ashamed? Praise the Lord. If God by chance sends you to Hell, by chance, you say, I followed Old and New testamanent.I followed Holy(???) Bible.I don’t really understand you God? Embrace it bravely, the fact is you are not a guaranteed Jew .Anywhere in the Bible, is it mentioned an Indian went to heaven or God showered his blessings on Indians in Old testament and New testament? Where are we Indians in the Holy Bible?

Dinosaur is a creature created by God if you believe this , let me say this. He was the one who destroyed it and created human beings thinking it will be perfect. He is someone who keeps on improving. Old Testament and New Testament is proof. God has given up in New testament and He has decided ?????to let you know the results on Judgement Day which is sooner than we think. Don’t have too much hopes and expectations like hypocrites like me do. Average age of death today, yesterday and day before yesterday?What impact your religion had on you?Write below in the comment box.


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