Sports and entertainment

Why do we have various sports that makes our country to compete with other countries? Is it really necessary? What will be the mindset of the sports person, if he/she loses? Is it happiness, contentment or he/she just takes it with a pinch of salt? They become aggressive and try to work hard to beat the other country players in his/her next game.

This is a harsh reality. Our countries instead of wasting money on such stupid things, they can waste their money on poor people where many are still illiterate, beggars and physically and mentally disabled people and also spend the money for orphanage and old age homes.

Then another stupidity is that programs like Big Boss, Cine Awards, what the hell? Why they keep on fucking themselves? A huge amount is spend for these programs. Can’t they do a show on real life people especially the people in villages, physically and mentally disabled people in homes.They will gain more popularity. The empathy and symphathy will make people think logically. Where is common ground? I read in a book, confused people are like Dragons. They spoil their own life and they spoil others lives also by having their feet on clean water and having another feet on the gutter.

How to solve the brainwashed people’s problems. A step by step guide.

1)Impact of Entertainment (TV & cinema theatres)– Strictly all the films produced must be watched by young children say 7-12 years. If they can watch these films, these films can be shown on theaters. Why create films for adults, youngsters, and children separately. The youngsters and the children are tempted to watch them. Why tempt them? I have a question to ask a porn star or an actor or actress whose role is very glamorous on movies, will you dare your children to watch it? Don’t you feel, they are diverted from being a good citizen? Question to ponder- Only when an actor or actress does maximum skin show the film will become huge success. Is it true or false? Even soap operas, these days are becoming vulgar. It makes an obsessive person choose the wrong path. They almost become blind.

What I am trying to say, you have profited a lot of money from your success of your film, reality shows and soap operas. Give a part of your money to the welfare of the orphanage homes, old age homes, and physically and mentally disabled people. I understand it is your money, you have to give your wealth to your children and their children but I am talking about only a small part of money, say 2 lakhs. It is more than enough.

2) Impact of Entertainment (Sports)-Wow. More than females, males love sports channels. What is it with competing with other nations? What is the use? Many will argue they get money and it brings laurels to our country. But if we don’t compete with other country and remain silent doing office work with our own hands, will anybody curse us?If our country loses, many youngsters who are disappointed become angry and they curse the players for their performance, am I right or wrong? Why tempt them and give them false hopes and expectations just because they are from this country.
What are the channels that must be encouraged -Research & development on various subjects, Cooking lessons, craft making , interior designing, improving women’s health and men’s health, personal care and discussions on various social issues(how to solve them).

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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