A peppy talk about logic and being down to earth

She was just a child walking near you on the road
Yet you did not notice her mood!
She was begging for money
To feed her empty stomach!
But you just moved away from her in a hurry
Speaking in your phone
She desperately wondered who that was
For you took her tears for granted,
As she wiped with one hand.
How could you do such a terrible thing to a child?
You must be a demon in disguise.
Was it maybe ‘cause she was not your blood?

Why do many people in India shy away from adopting a child? It is not their own blood. What is so great about having your own son or daughter? They are going to die anyway just like all other humans. Sometimes, we forget the joy of birth and curse of death is present in our lives. We not only pass on our wealth to our children and grandchildren we pass on the curse also by giving birth. Death is a curse or a blessing?

Of course, it’s a blessing if it’s a poor who dies early, if the rich dies early it’s a curse. Are you here with me? Many times, we don’t make sense of the simplest things in life which is applying logic to any situations.
If everybody thinks logically, the earth will sure be a heaven. All the people will live in harmony, they will have immense love, happiness and peace of mind.

What is logic?

If someday argues with you for no reason or you may be right, they may be wrong!What you should do is avoid the argument by applying a simple solution which is logic just because the argument leads you nowhere. That is it.

What is being practical and down to earth?

Suppose you are married. You are planning to have a child. You must not think about the pain of birth and joy of just born child. What you should do? You must think about their future thinking your children are just lent to you. They are not precious materials to pass on your wealth. If you raise them wise, they will be able to create a brighter future for themselves. Many crimes occurs only because of humans who fill in the blank between their birth day and death day.

Think practically otherwise you will lose the purpose of your life. Your life is in your hands not your children’s life. After you die, can you be sure they will live a happy life free of worries? You don’t know. That’s why I am saying adopt a child. You will be amazed how they look after you when you are at your ripe old age.

We are all humans, we make mistakes. Life begins when we are out of our comfort zone. So let us not be selfish, let us be volunteers of good deeds. This is the impact life has on me.


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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