A peppy talk about Good Management of society

Our education is at fault. Why do the children below the age of 15 must learn the subject “ History”. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. Without human, the world will be a dry land. In History what do we learn, King Ashoka killed these many people and gained victory, Hitler and Mussolini killed these people, etc. Yes, they are all wrong. We should take it in a positive way and forget what they have done and forgive people. Is this always the case in all incidents in India?

Impact of the government
Take politicians for example. DMK is saying bad things about ADMK and it goes on. All political parties are like this.What is the use of putting the blame of someone, when you are going to die so do the other party? Enjoy as much as you want while you are here on earth. Politicians must give their money to underprivileged children’s education.

From my Point of view, they have not begun their service.No one. When shall I say Politicians have began their service?

Building homes for the poor people, beggars who are living in huts.
Giving free education at schools for the children between the ages 5-14(all schools)

Improving the infrastructure of the roads even if it means eradicating some house(They can give a house/apartment to the people by bribing them with double the amount of their actual cost of their house)

Making all multinational companies to open a branch in all cities or some popular cities.I am stressing the point, diversification. This is because traffic jams will be reduced constantly.

Criminals of rape, gang rape and murder must be numbered according to state, city and religion. This will help the policemen to find the root cause.

Botany, zoology, physics and chemistry and maths how it can be applied to this world. This education must be primary. If a student is not able to relate with the subject and finds its not useful for her life, then there is no meaning of teaching them.

7)Forward caste, Backward caste, Most backward class, scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, how many people are rich, how many people belong to the poor category, how many belong to the middle class must be analyzed thoroughly. Then they must be given a title according to their income. From my experience, backward class where many are upper middle class and super rich earn a luxurious life and we are forward caste, we don’t have that privilege, we are lower middle class.

8) Street dogs, street cats, street cows are a menace to the society. The government must build a house for these neglected animals and employ persons to take care of them

9) Supply Garbage bags in all sizes(not plastic bags)to all citizens. If you see the streets, it looks very ugly because of the garbage’s thrown here and there. I am talking about the cities where I lived.

10) Make policemen go rounds in the morning and afternoon in each street. Employ workers to clean the street each week. Pay them salary for a week work not monthly.

11) Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, spitting on roads, throwing garbage’s must be prohibited. These people must be warned and they must pay a fine of Rs.1500 for the welfare of the city.

12) Money can be printed how much ever we want. So why the government is selfish?If the government is willing to pay heed to what I am saying, people in India will lead a prosperous life in terms of wealth, peace of mind and immense joy.



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