Strictly for atheists

A peppy talk

Believers of God will say , God created the world and the language we speak is given by Him.

The who’s

Who thought the people and animals to have sex and produce offspring? Who created the river?Who created the species, Indians, Sri Lankans, Pakitanis, Kashmiri’s, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Indonesians, Malaysians, Phillipines, Americans, Britain, Russians, Africans, Australians, etc.How many planets are there actually?Who created these countries? Who created the states? Who created the cities? Who created the languages we speak? Who told our ancestors to quench their thirst by drinking water?Who created oxygen and carbon dioxide?Who created air, water, fire?

Who named our country?Who created Tax? Who created money? Who created currency notes for each country? Who created war and peace(not the film)? Who was responsible for First World War and Second World War? Who created atom bombs? Who created Guns? Who gave the ability to kill people? Who invented marriage?Who invented many devices to make our life easy and comfortable(hidden meaning-to become lazy)?

Now the why’s

Why some people commit crimes whether they are petty crimes or heinous crimes? Why there are police stations?  Why there are hospitals? Why people are affected by various health issues? Why people have to work in office? Why there are domestic workers and manual scavengers? Why in India and China like countries, why the government talks about population controls? Why there are people with disabilities? Why some people commit suicides?Why there are natural calamities?Why do in certain religions and countries people kill animals and insects to produce food?

Now the How’s

How many religions are there all over the world?  How is our planet created? How people in our planet speak in different languages according to our respective states-Tamil, Telugu, Kannadam, Hindi, Marathi, etc? How do the engineers know how to build a house from whom did they learn-go back to 1000 years ago? How do doctors learn their skills? How police men came into picture? How there are scientists, engineers and researchers?

Now the when’s

When was our earth created? When did our ancestors learn to clothe themselves?When did they learn to drink water and learn to cook?When did our ancestors gained knowledge to invented many things and got themselves a title such as engineers,scientists, researchers, preachers, doctors, etc?

Now the what’s

What is the meaning for sex? What is the necessity to have sex? What is birth? What is death? What is responsible for death? What is the primary reason for death other than age, suicide or murder? What creates our dreams when we are sleeping? What is the problem with our mind and our heart? What is jealousy, pride, selfishness and gloating? What created the eyes, tongue, ears, heart, liver, hands, legs, kidneys, brain, etc of humans and animals(Is it aliens?)?

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I have discussed everything in a simple manner. Why am I telling this to you, my faithful readers, be your own judge. You know what is right and what is wrong. Why are you at many times tempted to do the wrong thing. Our health only gets spoiled(Mind and Heart). Think about our ancestors’ i believe they lived more than 200 years without the need for police stations. Let us not go into a fight or discussion about who created living beings. We know everything in our subconscious minds. Let us not complicate things and spoil our lives by giving in to our selfish desirers. Do you have plenty of money? Give them to your children or your future children. But keep a portion of the money to give it to the orphanage homes and children with disabilities. There is another choice which is you can adopt them and make them live a happy life. Are we going forward or backward in life?

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