Impact of time : Live wisely

Time wasted is more precious than wasted money. Accomplish many things now itself thinking you are going to die today. There is no postponing. Today is the good day. We have to live in the present. People who worry about the future are hypocrites. They will not be able to concentrate on life’s little things. I am not speaking about money here. Let be clear on that.

If we save some money in the present, we do not have to worry about the future. Always think about the present. When you think about the past or the future, you have ego issues is my strong opinion. For instance, let us take an example from a parent. How did they live when they weren’t married? Did they worry about their future? Yes, of course. How? Will I get a good spouse who understands me well? Will my future be free of worries? Will I have good health? Will I die a peaceful death?

Are you one of them? I am asking this many do not think like this. If you are, don’t be like that. I advice you. Be happy for the fact, you are alive with good health. If your today’s needs are met, why should you worry about the future? Future is uncertain, we have to prepare for it.Yes, I also agree with that. Save some money in the present only thinking about how you can use that money to enjoy life without sinning in your present life.



Your past is history, your present is the reality, and your future is mystery. You don’t know what is going to happen in the future. Why worry about it now while you can enjoy your life today. Always be happy for the fact, you are alive enjoying life’s little things like Friendship, Family, other relationships. These are life’s biggest things. Why don’t you understand that?

Your good deeds must be more than your bad deeds. Make sure that alone. If you do, you will attain peace of mind, happiness and abundant love. How many of you readers agree with me?

Live in the present. I will give you some explanations. Why do you want to marry? If you are already married, why did you marry? Is it because of sex, is it because you wanted children? If you are male, is it because you wanted dowry? There are many jokes written about Married couples. It is not nice.

Marriage is a sacred institution. Nowadays, marriage has become the biggest threat in one’s life. It blinds people’s eyes not to live for them, but for others, by which I mean children. I will ask these people who married.Can you die a peaceful death? You cannot. I assure you that. How my children will live after I die? Will they lead a happy life? How my grandchildren will live? And many more. I don’t want to discuss everything in detail.

So don’t waste time. Use it meaningfully. Paint your life with the colors you like. Your life is in your hands not your children’s life or your spouse life or your parent’s life or your friend’s life is in your hands even if you try to control them.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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