Sex, Power, Money

I have read many horrible stories where father rapes their own daughters. What creature are they? I am able to understand their mentality. Their daughters came through them. They are men. Their daughters are female. So by nature, they can have sex with their daughters with or without their concern. How mean?

Very stringent punishment must be given to those who rape their own relative’s daughter or their own daughter. They must be stoned to death. We can definitely judge these Sataniccharacters. They must not be given mercy. Let us be different and show mercy to the victims.

I will give a simple solution as to how India can become a developed nation? How to beat other countries and how India’s currency can raise, say one rupee is equal to 200 dollars? These are all possible.

Have the policemen found the culprits of different crimes, theft, murder, serial murder, rape, gang rape, molestation, etc. in different cities. Diversify.

Built a jail for each of these crimes. Divide the crimes into petty crimes and deadly crimes.

Give lifetime imprisonment for those who raped the innocents. For those gang rapists, let’s do our society a big favor. Ask the parents of the victims to shoot them with a gun multiple times. Why do India need these people in the first place? Population control, guys. As for serial murder and murder, give them life imprisonment. Do not give tasty food in Jail. Why encourage these people? While the victims are suffering the loss of their loved ones, in Jail, these people are having fun and entertainment.

As for theft, why did they do it? Are they jobless? If they are jobless, the court judge must take pity on them and offer them a job. This is how they have to judge people.

As for molestation, they must be given 20 years life imprisonment because 10+10, they should suffer the pain the molested girl or women felt. The judge must put himself/herself in the shoes of the family of the molested.

Impact of Money, sex, power

The rich must pay a hefty tax. I am talking about the ones, who earn more than crores of money to pass on their wealth to their children and their grandchildren. What is the use of having children and giving them comfort? They are going to die one day just like any other people. Can anyone beat death by giving crores and crores of money?

No. So why accumulate money? If people learn to have nil children, their priority will become clearer to them. What is important? What is not important? It will become very, very clear to them. Sex, money and power are the three deadly things that makes the world go blind.

By attaining these three, can anyone have peace of mind, love and abundant happiness? If the answer is, yes, go on and just do whatever you want to do. Attain power and money. Have sex how much ever you want with your spouse or your girlfriend. We should eradicate people who rape or gang rape the innocents thinking their ego is great and they have more power over the particular girl/woman.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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