Impact of poor education system in India

When I was living in Jayamkondam. I studied in St. Andrews school from my second standard onwards. My parents put me in this school because it is a famous English medium school. Like any child in that age, I cried and cried, still I remember saying, “I don’t want to go to this school”. But my parents and the school authorities made sure I am comfortable with the school. There are many incidents happened in this school. How can I forget? This school only taught me Hindi. This subject was a compulsory subject for me. I made some friends. I don’t know whether I can call them friends as we didn’t act like one.

Once the teacher conducted a test.It was Hindi test. I still remember. My friend was copying the answers from the neighbor girl.That girl usually gets second rank in our class.I told the girl to close her note a little and write.She became aware of the situation. She caught my friend in copying. She told the teacher in charge.My friend was punished severely. Her parents were asked to come.

This is History. We were both young, we were studying only 4th grade I think, we forgot everything and acted like friends with benefits. We were never true friends.

Then once again the same kind of incident happened when I was studying in 9thstd.Only 20 students were in our class. Sometimes, my classmates copy the answers from studious girls or boys. Even the studious girls and boys copy the test once in a while. But this incident was stopped when a boy was caught cheating.. He hid the answer sheet in his writing pad and was copying from it. I was studying in a Christian school, so this news spread other class. Parents and teachers meeting was conducted.The boy’s parents were shamed.Other students were asked whether they are also like that boy.All the students didn’t raise their hands, even the ones who once in a while copy in the test.

I want to ask who taught the children to cheat. The society and the parent’supbringing. Why we have to cheat in exams and tests. This is not a petty incident. This is a very serious issue. These students who cheat, will be motivated to cheat big.Am I right or wrong? This is utter cowardice. They think it is braveness but I will say they are incapable of being brave. If they are bold, they will be able to accept their punishment how stringent it may be,how many people agree to this? Our education system is at fault. Do not create a book only teachers can understand, create a book students can understand, then only India will be able to get a title, developed country.Many crimes in India and all over the world are happening because of poor education. Moral science class must be taught in every school.History subject must be removed and Human rights subjects must be taught as a compulsory. subject Children should be given the right to choose whichever subject they like. If they don’t like physics, they can choose chemistry if they like. If they don’t like Botany, they can choose Zoology if they like.

Education system should be favorable to the students not the teachers.Criminals are born due to the incapability of teachers. Great teachers create great scientists, great engineers, great doctors, great politicians, etc

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