Impact of The Government and the Rich

Poor people why are they poor? Why many are illiterate? Why many are unemployed? What does the government doing with our tax money? The Chennai faced the biggest challenge after 100 years. BBC news already said Chennai people will have to guard themselves because of the possibility of heavy rain. But what did the State Government do? They did nothing. It was indeed pity, they threw food and water packets from the helicopters,  people standing in the top floor tried to catch them as they were very hungry.It was the NGO’s and volunteers who came to rescue people affected by flood.

Think about the old age people, babies and children, poor people who doesn’t have proper home what will their state be? How can the government be this irresponsible?The impact, the government has on the above people i mentioned is no sympathy.

Most of the people were sent to schools and colleges to stay for a short period of time. After the flood has gone, they are told to go to their respective homes. What the hell? There is no home for them. Everything in their house is damaged. Those living in hut, what will they do? Where is sympathy?

The government must put themselves in the shoes of the poor people living in huts and the beggars living on roads.

What the state government must do?

Build a small apartment for the poor people whose monthly salary is less than Rs.15000. There are many street dogs in Chennai. Put them in dog house. If possible, build a house for neglected animals. They should appoint workers to sweep the streets of Chennai clean and pay them daily wage. They should also make the multinational companies in Chennai to open a branch in other cities so that population in Chennai is reduced. Therefore, giving more room for space.

Poor people are poor not because they are born to poor parents. It is because of selfish people. Most of the people in India are rich, I double dare and triple dare them to build a house for these poor people and give them job. They will not do it. Why I say so?

They have accumulated lot of wealth to pass on to their children and their grandchildren. So they will not give a penny to the poor people. They are fools in the sense, they produce children, and they die at some point just like them. They are not seeing the main point which is what they brought when they were born in this world, nothing not even a dress. What they are going to take with them, their dress alone.

So why accumulate wealth for their children, their children if they have the ability, they can create their own wealth. This is why I like Bill Gates. He says he will not give his wealth to his children. He says he will only give a small portion of his earnings to all his three children. Let them design their own life. Hesays. I am so inspired by Bill Gates. He is an example of how a good parent must be. He also gives lot of many to charities. He is a Jew. That doesn’t matter. His character is good.

Why English is considered as the universal language? Which country people live in United states and United Kingdom? Almost all countries. United we stand. Divided we fall.

The state of India is that We are not united, we are divided by culture, caste, religion and state.

Over 80% of engineering graduates in India are unemployable

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