Impact of men folk

Sexual predators and rapists-What pleasure it gives them? The spur of the moment, they do it thinking they will escape which is true in most of the cases in India. In our country, women are low lives that is why they are attacked by men. Men rape them, gang rape them, murder them and play with their lives, at one point because of all the torture, they may commit suicide due to denial of justice.

All men must put their head down while seeing a girl child or a woman because of the sins by their fellow men. How can they harm a weak woman or a girl? Even a just born is raped in India. Where our country is going? Where the so called men-the saints are announcing to the world? Men are greater than women.I agree 100%.If women are given a chance, they will prove their point, they are greater than men. We are awesome in our minds.

They are not willing to give a chance. When will they give? When their own daughter or granddaughter or a relative is raped in the future which is sooner than we think? Then they will realize their mistake.I am asking why not today?

Every street a community center must be built. Every city must have a court. The rape victim or the acid attack victim must be supported by a psychologist when she is speaking to the police.

Have you ever heard a story where a woman raped a man? How many percentage comparing to men raping women and young girls as low as one year?
I will honestly say women can live without men, but a man cannot live without a woman. This is a harsh truth. That is why God created Eve. Women are weak points for men.

They love, love…………………sex. What good it does to them?They are going to die one day, so let them have sex how much ever they want. But men who feel they want to rape a woman, must rape their mother or their sister. If they don’t have a sister, they can rape their cousin sister. Then they will have enough satisfaction of sex. Instead of sex education in schools, Women’s rights and Men’s rights must be taught. This is very urgent.
Let us lead by example to other developing countries. In Jail, they must not give tasty foods because it is like encouraging the culprits. Whoever is not against me is for me. Whoever agrees with me, cast your votes and shout for equality and justice.

Let us not be like a robot.

We are born, we had no say in that, we may or may not like the religion we are following, we may have differences of opinions and views but one thing that binds us together is we are human beings.Male and female. This is fact.Nothing more. Let us not complicate it. We are going to live in this world for a short period of time.We are mortals.That’s all matters.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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