Impact of good educators : A bright future

When I was studying in College,, I was very much attracted to the beauty of my college surroundings. My previous college lacked this quality. This college had beautiful gardens, TV in the library, WIFI connection, etc. That’s why it is called Beauty Bishop. But what is the use of calling it beauty bishop when there is no discipline among the students.

Many lecturers allow the students to cut the class. They will put absent for them in their class. Some lecturers are very strict, they will give stringent punishment(I am against beating except that they should do something about it) but most of the lecturers are very lenient towards the students. They barely take class for 20 minutes, when the students say please stop, the class is boring, something like that , they come to a halt. They just sit and relax for another twenty minutes so do the students.

Teachers should lead by example. What example, the so called lecturers were giving to the students? Be lazy?Did I get it correct? This was the state of the commerce department. Even English department it is like this, so I have heard.But I have not enquired about it. Why should I ?

According to me, these kind of lazy lecturers and easily gullible lecturers should be fired and their job post must be replaced with good educators. Many lecturers just vomit from the book they took from the library for reference and ask the students to take notes, etc.

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What we need in today’s society, if Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam dream of 2020 must be realized, we need good educators who will not mind sharing their abundant knowledge which cannot be found in any book. They innovate and help the students excel in whatever subject they are teaching.

Good educators pay individual attention to all the students not just one or two students. They are able to understand what the students lack, they work hard to improve their students minus into plus.

If by 2020, if we want India to be called as a developed country, we need only good educator’s not bad educators. Bad educators are Bad Omens. They meddle with the students’ lives by not taking active part in helping the student get a decent job.

Most of the unemployed students, the bugging question, why they have trouble getting jobs is because of bad omens. What I mean by that is bad educators.

Good educators will work very hard, they are ashamed if a student they taught has failed in their subject and question their whole being. I have seen such educators in my life. That is why I am confidently telling about their good nature.

To become a good educator, nobody has to hold a multiple degree, if they are able to teach the children effectively and have subject knowledge, they will be able to create great leaders, great scientists, great engineers, great IPS officers, great teachers, great doctors, etc.

The need of the hour is Good educators. They are in high demand. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s dream of 2020 must come true. In order to make them come true, India requires good educators who are able to teach all their students, captivate their minds and make them excel in their subject and also make them a proud citizen of India.

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