Impact of sexual assault on female

I met a girl whose name is ‘Not’ in was able to learn a lot from her. She was raped by many men.She lives in Toronto.I can’t feel the pain she has experienced because she wrote a funny post about how she was raped by these men from her childhood and how it encouraged her to write a book. I was so much inspired by her spirit. If instead of her, I was there in her position, what I would have done? Go to police, register a FIR on the rapists and wait for years and years to get justice in court. My family is humiliated. I will feel disgusted with myself. I may think of committing suicide.

Justice delayed is justice denied

When will people in India learn this? How many stupid people are living in India? In villages they have panchayats, I am not sure whether it is active now also but I encourage it whole heartedly because we need immediate justice. One day will come, where men will be declared as animals. If 10 men rape one woman, then think about the trauma a woman faces. For men, his mother and his sisters are more precious, and other women are sexual toys. How small minded thinking?

How to solve the cases of rape and acid attacks?                                                                                                             

I will give you a very, very simple solution. Does everybody who is reading this post, know their street name, am I right? Then have a community center for each of your street. If you hear any rape incident occurred to your neighbor girl or a woman fight for justice in court until your last breath. Help the needy.

In every city in India, a court must be built and a judge must be appointed to solve the case. Stringent punishment must be given to the culprit who rapes young children. Their photos must be published and they should be stoned to death if it is gang rape.

By birth, I am a Christian even I am raising my voice against the culprits and fighting for justice. Why can’t you?Acid attack victim’s parents must be very courageous and ask the court to do the same to the culprits.They should feel the pain.

Let’s go back to History. Adam and Eve story. Eve was punished severely because why? She ate the fruit which God said she should not eat. So what did God do? He punished eve with unbearable labor pain. Through her all women are cursed(normal delivery) is a strong belief by the Christians and the Jews(Nowadays, we have epidurals). Why do we die is, it is because of our sins is also believed by the Christians and the Jews.

There is a famous proverb, No pain, no gain. Only when the culprits experience the pain, they will be able to learn their life lessons. Write a detailed book about the rapists and acid attackers family, how they were raised by their families (add pictures-what does the media doing?), how did they behave in school, who were their friends and whether they are addicted to drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, any other bad habits, etc. Only this will help reduce the number of gang rapes, murder, and acid attacks on innocents. The seriousness of the issue is unknown by many because our family is not affected. But as a women, I want to join hands with women and raise my voice loudly to get stringent punishment for the culprits whether they come from a poor family or a rich family.

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