Impact of wrong upbringing

Let me tell you a love story I heard from my PG friends. One of the girl in college, when she was studying 2nd year, she eloped with her boyfriend and got pregnant at the age of 19.Her parents opposed to their marriage but accepted her as she is their only daughter.

Where did their parents go wrong? Why she was foolish enough to run away with her boyfriend, can’t she finish her studies and then do whatever she wanted? What promise did he give her that she just gave up studying? She has a daughter now. She is 4 years old. What example, she is giving to her child? Her child one day will ask her mother, “Mom, you eloped with your boyfriend and my grandparents accepted you. So when I do the same, you have to accept me”, won’t she ask this?May be.

When I was studying UG, same problem. In my own class, three girls ran away with their boyfriends. One girl’s parent when she came back to her house with her husband to get blessings, the parents just asked her to get out of their life, they told her to buy her own clothes and they kept on cursing her. From the panties she wears to the beautiful makeup kit she owns were all given by her parents. They told her that and begged her to come to them. But she was very stubborn, she barely listened to her parents cry and went with her husband. Where did the parents go wrong?

Another girl, she was a muslim. I liked her so much. Her story is pathetic but she always smiled when talking. She was forced to marry at the age of 17 when she was studying 12th std to a man who is 10 ten years older to her. She is a very beautiful girl but her husband is not fair and handsome but she praised her husband after learning to adapt. Within one year of marriage, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Why did her parents do that to her because they were illiterate and poor people?

If whoever reading this post is a parent or going to become a parent, teach your children what is right and what is wrong. What they can do and what they cannot do. Get information of all their friends. Make a note of it. Go to their schools and colleges for parents and teachers meeting to know more about your children. Even if they are your children, their life is totally different from yours. You can’t force them to live a life that you have planned. So learn to adjust with your children’s needs and wants, and if they are worthy enough, encourage them like a friend. You must not act like a guardian or a parent. You must act with love and affection, in short, you must be the only best friend to your child.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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