Fantastico love vs Fake love

Love is an act of kindness, patience, healing, friendly and good natured. Generosity of love cannot explained through mere words as it can only be experienced. Love does not boast and above all it does not envy. It’s a fantastico feeling.

If someone loves a person deeply, they become blind, they only see the loved ones best character.Even if the loved one has a bad character, they barely take into account. Love is blind, rightly said. This proverb applies half of the population all over the world.

Why do we love? Why do we love this person? How am I going into benefit? Will she/he reciprocate my love? If they does How is our life going to turn out? Will we fight for silly reasons? After having our own children, how our relationship is going to be? Will our parents accept our relationship?

These are the questions, a person must ask himself or herself, if they love a person deeply. They should not enter into a relationship for the spur of the moment. They should be wise and unique before making a life changing decision.Their whole life will be spoiled if they enter into a wrong situation.

Case studies of false love not fantastico love

Mr. A loves his colleague friend. She is a good natured person. She is calm and sensible. But he has low self-esteem so he is having hard time proposing to her. The result is she marries someone her parents chose for her.

Mr.B loves his neighbor girl who is vibrant and sexy. He proposes to her. She declaims his proposal and complaints to her parents. Mr. B is devastated. He plans with his friends and one day, he throws acid on her face. He is eventually arrested. How many lives spoiled here?

Mr.C loves his friend’s sister. She is a very career oriented woman and she is multifaceted. One day, he proposes to her. But she declaims explaining he should have told her brother or her parent’s first. He criticizes his bad behavior. Mr.C is heartbroken. Her brother cuts his friendship.

Mr.D  loves her childhood friend so much. They both love each other. There is mutual respect. But when another girl enters into his life, he is confused. He don’t know what to do. He tells this to his childhood friend. She takes it in a bad way. She shouts at him. Where is true love?

Mr.E loves a girl who is from a different religion. His parents won’t accept this relationship he knows this well. But he loves this girl so much because of her beauty. The girl also accepts him as he has a good job, they both elope. Eventually, the attraction wears off. Mr.E wants to divorce his wife. Where is kindness?


Many of the times, people make wrong choices. If someone loves a person deeply, they should prepare their heart and mind. If their proposal is rejected, they should try to move on and should not waste a minute by thinking about it. Thinking about taking revenge affects not only the other person, it affects them also when they realize what they have done.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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