A peppy talk on social skills

Schools, these days can benefit a lot from using various social media. In foreign countries like United States of America youngsters as low as 10 years old have got their own email ID’S as per suggestion by the school premises. Some schools have also made it mandatory. This rule has to be brought in majority of the schools in India as the children learn to use computer and other major technological uses on their own. The future of the children will be bright. India still has to develop in terms of educational value of the society.

Though Tamil Nadu has made compulsory education up to eighth standard and mid day meals for all the school going children in government schools, it must be noted that merely passing these children who have failed in their exams in the respective higher classes such as 6th, 7th, 8th will not help them survive in this competitive world even a tidbit. Instead if the school authorities take effective measures regarding how to get their students study well to acquire worldly knowledge and to get good jobs so that a fabulous future is guaranteed to them.

Introducing social media to the children can be bad, meaning, there is 60% chance, they may use it to share their personal information, photos to strangers through portal like facebook, googlechat, twitter, etc. There is a fair chance they may get addicted to it due to the online games, people they chat with, etc and in rare cases, the children may also be subjected to cyber bullying by strangers. That is why parents and teachers must prohibit the children from accessing commercial social media. If a school educates the children to utilize social media in a wise manner the future of the children will shine. Unless there is online safety, the children can no longer benefit from social media. I have listed 9 best social media sites for kids. They are as follows :

  • Club Penguin
  • Kidzworld
  • Kidzrocket
  • Yoursphere
  • Jabbersmack
  • gianthello
  • ScuttlePad
  • Skid-e-kids
  • What’s what

Kids are the future of India. If they are given opportunity to differentiate right from wrong, they will certainly become a right citizen. Luckily, the above social media sites acts as a helping tool for the children’s success.

To my grandparents who educated me well enough to survive in today’s corrupt society.

You gave birth to eight beautiful flowers
Each having different features
What a lovely sight it had been
For you………….
Seeing them grow in your garden of love

You taught them how to live
You taught them how to obey
You taught them how to lead a meaningful life
By living an exemplary life

Each step you took was a great source of strength
To your children and their children
They saw you and grew over you

This day, I feel proud to be one of your granddaughters
Having a grandparent like you
Always showing me the right direction
Whenever i choose the wrong path
Made me the person who i am today.
I may not openly say how important you are in my life
But i mean it by fulfilling atleast one of your teachings everyday.


I have written this poem exclusively for my grandparents to express my love for them.They are on whatsapp, facebook, etc.They use these media to connect with us.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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