Pep talk : Organic food vs Junk food

At today’s date, people consuming organic foods have raised at a reasonable rate. People prefer these sort of food as it not only improves their health, it makes them feel strong. If not, why would a large number of people be going after the food and buying it in the first place? Moreover, they are costlier than synthetic food items we buy at the grocery shop. How many will agree to this? Some organic foods are cheaper, so let’s buy that and cook in our homes and serve it to our family.

Main concern

The growing concern for eradicating occasional sickness and frequent attacks by various familiar and unfamiliar diseases from its root sums up to the list of people as to what reason they are interested in organic food to a larger extent. Where staying fit has become one of the major priorities of people, they in turn, lead by an example to others by attracting them towards this nutritious food.

They are safer

Organic food is a natural food. Unlike Inorganic foods, they are much safer to eat. It is proved that organic food is not only good for our health, it is good for our environmental growth too. It controls air pollution and a lot can be said about its other benefits.

Prevention is better than cure

It helps to prevent from deadly diseases such as cancer, heart attack, HIV/AIDS, etc .Antioxidants present in it enables to reduce stroke and other major diseases relating to heart. The hardening of the arteries can be reduced by salicylic acid. Vitamin level is rich in organic food. So what stops us from eating organic foods? If your answer is no, let us walks towards the right path which leads to a healthy nation.

Junk foods and organic foods

Those who are fond of junk foods can be relieved as obesity is controlled by organic foods and they have to worry no more. The disadvantage of buying organic food is that, it must be cooked as soon as it is bought from the shop. There are no added preservatives. Therefore, It’s lifetime is very less when compared to Inorganic foods due to the absence of pesticides, and other chemicals. Milk, butter, cheese, fish and meat are some of the examples of organic foods. In order to produce these food, the animals themselves are given organic foods. There is no proof but let’s believe that.


Organic food items can be found at our grocery shops itself. Companies like Zoho corporation are selling these foods at a cheaper rate to their employees. Other companies must follow suit. What is the main reason for doing this? The employees must become healthier and healthier , they should be able to work harder for the company’s overall success.This company leads by example for other companies in India. East or west, organic food is the best.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Eat to live, not live to eat


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