Navigation :A thorough analysis of our nation

I will discuss step by step so that even a layman can understand what I am saying.

Education system

By birth we are called Indians.Our education system has a fault. Why the children must compulsorily learn about Hisotry. What is the use? This subject must be replaced with Human rights. If our Government listens to this opinion, everyone in India will have peace of mind, love and happiness.

The rich and the poor

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, is an assumption in most of the cases in India. What is the reason? Does empathy and sympathy missing?. Let us put ourselves in the shoes of a beggar or children born in poor families. How do we feel? Is it angry, hungry or self-pity? What wrong did they do? They did nothing. There are many rich people in India who see these people daily but what do they do about it? I don’t care attitude is their ego. They turn blind towards these God’s own people. For them, their family is more important and precious than these poor people.


When we compare the crimes done against women and children by men 50 years ago to the present, it is scarily high, what is the reason? Is Westernization an answer? In almost all countries, the scenario is same. We should try to solve this problem. Did the men give in to their selfish desires?

Terrorism and war

Terrorism and war, the word itself creates extreme fear in people whatever country they may be from. Let’s talk about India. To strengthen the bond between India, Pakistan , Bangladesh ,  Srilanka and Jammu & Kashmir, what must be done, we have to be human first and apply logic but enmity and ego clouds evil people’s mind all the time. We, as a responsible Indian citizen must find a solution to cure this disease from its roots.

Population controls

India and China tops the list when it comes to population. What is the primary need for producing children, when there is so many neglected children in orphanage homes? How can people be this blind? They are going to die one day and they will leave their children behind. Are they sure, they will lead a happy life? Will they be able to die peacefully if they die at a ripe old age. We have to learn from a child. What it brings to the world when it arrives from the mother’s womb, nothing? So why accumulate wealth on earth to give it to your children and to lead a comfortable life, think about accumulating wealth on heaven.


I don’t want to discuss about other countries but just one, when we compare the roads of United States of America, Indians, that is us, we are insulting our nation each day. Spitting on the road, throwing used water bottles, many other garbage’s, using plastics(In Germany you will have to pay a fine). I assure you these are not only done by Illiterate people even educated people do this. Moral education must be taught in schools. The Do’s and Don’ts must be explained to the children. By 2020, Dr. Abdul Kalam’s dream must come true. Let us work towards that dream


There are plenty of religions all over the world. Does anyone have an idea who created the world? Who created people in different countries? Hindu Gods/Christian God/Muslim God. Not a clue. Then do research it. Abolish crimes done in the name of religion. Let us act as a human being not as an animal.

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