Impact of Prayers

My aunt’s friend who is married and is a healer specialized in psychology, and also a philanthropist in Chennai asked me just a week ago(right timing), Can you pray to God for 45 minutes without moving from this place right now? I said confidently, yes, I can. She then replied in a polite tone, you will not be able to do it. I assure you no matter how much you love God, you will not be able to do it in the comfort of your home.

I asked her why you say so. She told me, you will get an urgent call that you can’t just ignore, you will be disturbed by the noise existing outside your house, and guests will pay a surprise visit(like she did) to your house any minute, so you will not be able to focus your energy fully on God. I nodded my head. I told her, this is the main reason why I don’t attend Sunday masses in church. She is a very humble woman, she agreed with my point. I am not attracted to Noise pollution that doesn’t help my soul in any form.

Oruthadava sonna nooru thadava sonna mathiri(Rajinikath’s dialogue in a hit film).If someone is telling you a joke. You laugh for the first time. He/she is telling the same joke again. You laugh. If again he/she repeats it what you will do? Do you understand what I am saying? If you are a religious person, God has understood your message (You love Him). Think logically.

Every year if you are true Christian, you are going to the church, what benefit you got from it? You didn’t learn your lessons that is why you go to church often. Do not flatter God by bribing him and going to temples, churches, mosques, etc, if you are living a comfortable life, it is not because you flattered God and bribed him with His/her own money(Did She/he ask you?).

You are pointing your finger at someone, other fingers who does it point? It is you. Instead of bribing God, donate the money God gave you in plentiful to orphanage homes, old age homes and for the welfare of the poor people, physically and mentally disabled people. Your life is in your hands. If there is a hell, make sure you help the needy so that God doesn’t give this ticket to you.

Going to temples, mosques, churches and praying is not important. What does your God tell you how to lead life? Earn lots of money, accumulate wealth, give them to your children, and before you die make sure you pass on your wealth to your children and grandchildren. This is what your God and my God says so. Do you agree or do not agree with this point? If you agree why you take prestige in having your own blood, take privilege by adopting a child. You will not be shamed.

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