Impact of Media

Watching soap operas, movies, texting, can be very entertaining but what damage and irritation it causes to our eyes and body.For some people without eating snacks they won’t watch any programs on Tv and for others it gives an immense satisfaction when they engage themselves with multiple chores like cutting vegetables, doing office work on laptop and watching tv simultaneously. I want to ask, does these justify as a healthy habit?No.

These social media makes you addicted to it, and it becomes impossible for many to get de-addicted because it becomes very difficult later on. In my opinion, it is a kind of disease.Does anyone has agreed to pay them money for watching these IDIOT BOX or the parents who has allowed their children to watch cartoons(that harm their eyes)benefit from it.

Social media like facebook, orkut, television, movies makes us stupid.There are some people who watch only selective, good programs both on tv and Internet. They use these social media very wisely.I appreciate them absolutely.Yet, there must be a limit set for these.Learning as many good things such as enrolling ourselves on a variety of programs offline and that will stay with us for a longer period and is useful for us until we die.

I have personally experienced this when I was a newly joined member. Once I accepted many friend requests that came from guys considering the only fact that we all had mutual friends. Another reason was I don’t really have any business with them and also I am not going to speak with them in particular .But it didn’t happen that way.

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I uploaded my photo, I got many requests from many boys. It was less than five before uploading my photo.Now it has become after uploading photo and before uploading photo. Do i have to mention that photo was more than a year old?.But anyway I accepted some of them. They started saying hi and were very eager to get to know me. It was the same experience for all my friends. Some friends told to So I said some silly reasons to escape (poor me LoL )from them like my friend is online, one of my relative is online where they are actually not.

Once I was offline chat when my friend updated her status.Without thinking I’m actually offline I gave a like. Within seconds, a guy came to chat by saying hi. It is not like he doesn’t have many friends. He has more than hundred friends. I was totally shocked by this cheap act. It was really annoying. Who said girls are chattier than boys? Here, I have proof to say we are actually not. Is it a duty that they have to chat with the girls or their life gets over if they didn’t? Or do you know how many girls gives requests to boys. I am not saying they are bad but this chatty behavior is so irritating.

I am a Student, Blogger, Activist against terrorism, hate useless chit-chats, for human rights in general, politics,and self-defence.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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