Fantastico-Height of Hypocrisy existing in all religions

UIf somebody says Jesus/God is going to come, be prepared don’t sin, be alert of the fact, you also call yourself a Christian/Muslim, don’t you know Jesus/God is going to come? You are also a human being. You also have read the bible/Quaran fully and he/she also has read the Bible/Quran. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?He/she is blessed and others are cursed. Did I get it right? I want to keep on improving,  we are here because of our ancestor’s sin and we are all sinners.So let’s cut the crap. Once he(who calls himself a true preacher) posted a status on his page, Jesus died for you, won’t you die for him?I have studied human behavior, whoever created this quote has a selfish behavior.Say we, not you or I in this sentence. In all religion, there exists a false preacher.

My fellow hypocrites, if you fear God and love God, why don’t you try making your primary habit of going to orphage homes, old age homes, and disabled people, people with incurable diseases instead of spending only small amount that God gave you in plentiful. My mother is also like that.This made me think because a wealthy man story in the Bible.He panicks and asks God when did I do that to you God?.My fellow humans, I am like that.Blessed are the meek, so Paul Dinakaran(in your religion there are people like him) is meek or what?This is not my hate for people like him.I am saying don’t make people like me alone a fool because we will never, don’t give me answers that I can criticize very well. If you want answers to the questions why God gives tough situations (they are attackers-God’s own people even if they don’t know this yet-to test you of course).

Is he(Jesus) the only one who has suffered the most?

Today, there are so many people who has suffered more than him.Can you name a few for me or do you want me to name 10 people? When we learn this only we will become like Jesus Christ filled with the holy spirit. So remember this, Jesus birthday is your birthday, my birthday, your parent’s birthday, friend’s birthday and sibling’s birthday. Atleast on that day, you know the real meaning of being awake.Yeah, Jesus Christ is God’s very own son, and we are nothing like Him we are not even worthy of Becoming God’s adopted sons and daughters.

Think Holy, Act holy

Stop sinning(don’t be selfish, dishonest, common culture(common agreement), drop your ego, anger issues, I have like approximately 20).Yes, we especially lie a lot, we don’t love others)

You and I really don’t know lot of things about our loved ones but many people have blind faith in people like Paul Dinakaran and in other religions they believe people like him who are not strangers i get it and they know what people need.Yes, people like them so they don’t want to judge them, if we encourage our heart we can love the criminals too.I learnt from a book, people cannot speak for God when they just know God.I am not speaking for God.God doesn’t need an advocate for him when He/She can just punish people in hell and punish here on earth.This blog is dedicated for the ones who will think like me.

God helps those who help themselves

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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