Too much of listening to music is injurious to health

Too much of anything is good for nothing. How many people will agree to this proverb? I don’t know about others, for me this came true. How? I will tell you.I was listening to music in my cell phone as soon as I got up from the bed and when I go to bed at night. In the year 2013, this behavior of mine was very severe. I had insomnia and I couldn’t sleep so I listened to music sometimes till the sun shines brightly on my face in my bedroom. In the year 2014, a huge turning point, which is, I was not able to breath properly and my brain felt like it is going to burst any time. It is all because of stress, I worked as a copywriter and also a part time book reviewer and I was studying got overall 74% in my first year.But I had to dropout due to my mental illness of listening to music too much and three much and the psychologist said oxygen supply to brain was stopped something like that, that is why I felt like my brain is going to burst and heart beat was very fast I could hear it.

So I advise whoever reading this post, if you are an aggressive fan of music, please listen to them only for 2 hours not more than that. It may give you temporary pleasure and excitement but think about the bigger picture. Because of the radiation, you will not be able to procreate; you may die early, etc.Think about our grandma’s and grandpa’s. How many days they lived? My grandpa is 85 years, he is very, very healthy and my grandma is 75 years old, she is also very healthy. They do household chores together, and play chess in the evening.

Do not have too much emotional baggage. Listen to melody songs alone. It will give you mental peace and good sustainability of health. My favorite musician is nobody. I used to love rock music so much it almost killed me.When you want to listen to too much rock music, compare your parents and yourself. How many days they will live and how many days you will live?

I am not saying music is injurious to health. Melody songs and songs that is pleasing to the soul and touches our heart and gives us good vibes. We will have love, peace of mind and happiness if we listen to such songs. However, put the speaker on and listen to music. You are not doing something only a criminal does.So put the speaker on and if you think it will irritate your parents and siblings, sit in your room and close the door and then listen to the songs. It will create magic. You will see lot of changes in your life.Mental peace-You will gain it. I guarantee you that.

Whenever you feel like listening to rock music, ask yourself, what good it does to your soul? How this song going to guide your life? What is the use of listening to these songs? I am not saying rock music is bad for health, I am just saying rock music creates a Fantastico imaginary world, you will be blinded and you will have trouble living in the present. It’s like getting addicted to alcohol. You will have to go to rehabilitation centre, if your addiction is severe. My health issue is totally different. It is because of Insomnia and other work and study related stress, I was getting temporary solace by listening to music.

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