Impact of lessons I learnt from life

For what purpose I was born?(I get it you also have all these questions if you are impatient read the below please para, fill the form since I am fast)

Why to these parents?

Why should I respect people when I think they don’t deserve it?

Why should I listen to elders when they are so very immature?Why should i speak politely?

Why should I be diplomatic when others don’t?

Let me stop here because I may have 100 why’s and what the hell’s.My understanding of life is I just exist in this world so are you, Do u agree? This is reality.Bless you for you are awake.

I also know God, fear God and to please the atheists, I want to say I am also an atheist but I am not.

Why the hell humans were formed?

So what I am trying to let people who read this know, somehow we came to this world, we had no say on that, we don’t fully know our children or spouses or colleagues, we never will. I assure you 100% we never will if someone says so then it’s a lie, blah blah blah no one can force us to live according to their rules and regulations, order us around unless we let them corrupt our mind and let them.In this world, men will be men, women will be women(I have wrote an article on rape, gang rape, molestation, rage, fandom, etc in detail by giving my full support to the men and the women in my other blog but you know right what are your limitations, I don’t have to continue on this topic, use your freedom in a wise manner).

We all have egos, We are all imperfect , We are all stubborn, 

We are all individuals who want people to listen to us

Prove we are right even when we are wrong,

We know we all are cunning people. That is it. I am done.

Very few dare to differ.

If you argue you are righteous people, then it means you are not righteous, am I right?

If you argue or worry about your character than your reputation or question or get irritated by how others parents can raise/raised their children like this then you are proving your character is bad and your parents raised you in a bad manner, am I right or wrong?

If you fight/argue forcefully, I am holy and I am very religious, you are proving to me you are not, am I right?

By meaning you are good people, please give me some definition.I don’t understand alien language.

If you…..let me stop here. 

Please read the last para alone to have relaxation and peace of mind. Be carefree, if you enter into a big scandal once again be carefree, do you have fear, again be carefree, carefree, carefree and carefree at the same time alert because this was me for like 10 years, 2013-2014 was an exception (over carefree, bad company, over excitement, was very active with gossipers club in college).

So do not let some people affect your life, do not obey other’s orders because I guess you are not a criminal.

We are all cunning people but we can’t force anyone to listen to us, cooperate with us, understand us no one will-this is harsh but this is the truth if someone says they understand you, never judges you and doesn’t argue with you(main point to be underlined)-keep them close(why read the below para-just relax and have peace of mind).Life is too short to argue, if you want to hurt people, just hurt people. Life is too short we have to let people know we are bad people, if you want to love people actions speaks louder than words.

The only people we have to get rid of is people who are disgusting materials (Small minded people, gossipers, people who wastes our precious time by talking hours and hours over phone(I have a phone and I rarely use it and facebook(i just stalk mostly),  backstabbers who gloat in other people’s failure, and discuss people for many days and years,  etc).Do not get addicted to any of the above. There are better things to do with your life.


Human life has two meanings only-immense joy of birth and the immense curse of death. When you converse with other individual, be on the alert of this magical fact, they are going to die one day and you are going to die one day, we both are equal whether you are rich or poor. Your feelings, emotions comes from someone.Who gave it to you?Try to understand Him or Her alone.Forget the bad and remember the good.Be carefree and self-aware.Wake up.


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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