Impact of Adopting a child

Children are God’s gift we say. Why don’t we adopt orphanage children and underprivileged children? What wrong did they do? Some evil people may say, in past life, they have done some big crime that is why in this life, they are being punished by God. Some say it is because of their ancestors sins or it is because of their parents sins. What an absurd thinking? These people who say this will be cursed in their next life. Can they at least help these children instead of backstabbing them? Everyone wants love and happiness only with their family and friends. This culture must be changed because of selfish people only earthquakes, cyclones, floods, acid rains, tsunami attacks our planet earth is my belief.

One of my distant relative has adopted a girl, they are living happily. My aunt’s friend too has adopted a girl, she is doing engineering I guess so. Haven’t met them for a long time. They are living in Musiri. All I know is she is great at Bharathanatyam.

So coming back why don’t we adopt children? Having our own children, what good it gives us? It is lovely burden you say, is your God going to punish you if you don’t have children. Be realistic, you are putting a curse on your children indirectly because they are going to die just like you. What is the point of giving birth to children if they are not able to live longer with good health and an eternal life?

We should not be selfish because let’s think about our population. As an Indian citizen, we have to do something about it.What many are unaware is they keep on giving birth that they don’t realize why they are giving birth.  When we reach old age, these orphanage children we raised will be grateful to us that they will help us enjoy a peaceful life. Is this possible with our own children?

Adopt a child.You won’t be disappointed. If you don’t want to adopt, just pay an amount to help the underprivileged children and orphanage children if you are filthy rich.Many celebrities have adopted children, so why don’t we follow in their footsteps?

We are going to die anyway why accumulate wealth on this earth while we can accumulate wealth on Heaven if our belief is there is a heaven? Our feelings have been given to us by someone,  he/she will be happy if we give a life to the orphanage children.

Sometimes we forget that happiness lies in not producing children and playing with them.It lies in doing good deeds. We have to be very practical about our birth and death. If we are aware of this fact, no one will accumulate wealth by saying they are going to give this to their children and their grandchildren. Why produce them in the first place? These people wouldn’t have peace of mind, love and happiness. They will be constantly worrying about their children and their grandchildren when they are in their death bed. Am I right or wrong?

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