Impact of Christianity : Holy soul vs lost souls

Many people asked me to come to church at different periods of time in different cities i have lived incessantly.My answer-read the below and say how it is related to them or not related to them. I want to ask, are the people who come to church every Sunday are Jesus Christ or follow Him, are 30-40% at least are like Jesus Christ.Let them give the names, I will sit next to them in church.There is none in my family and I am not one.So keep calm and move on.

Your learning is God forgives and forgets. My learning is God forgives and not forgets.That’s the difference.If he has forgotten what you did last summer or even before that, you would be now living as long as the world runs with Him. Once or twice is okay.If you repeat…….just relax, you will be forgiven I guess.

So many religious Christians say they know God, they know what God wants for them and think that they are teaching only the right things what God wanted them to teach their children. They know what is bad and what is good. They know who is evil and who is saint. Since they know so much about their fellow humans, since they understand them, respect them, love them so much, care for them, it is easy for them to hear what God is saying as God told them Love others as you love yourself. Love others like I have loved you.Forgive others as I have forgiven you.

While some people can read human minds accurately which is a great gift given to them by God Himself. So there is nothing they don’t know. They have figured out about everyone, even God and Jesus Christ. Are they God or think they are Gods or Goddesses? This question can be used against me. But I will say honestly, these people and I have something in common. In their subconscious mind they think they are God and in my subconscious mind I think I am God. So what makes us. If you spilled water on the ground, it was by accident and if anyone else spilled water on the ground it is a mistake or a big mistake. You are a perfect human being and everyone is imperfect.

If I am reading their minds accurately when they are talking or when they are writing about these things or acting, can they at least be honest with themselves they spoke by connecting their minds with the source (Holy spirit).I will be direct.I don’t know.

Nobody can speak for God when they only know God.People have to follow what their studies and experiences have taught.I will follow what my experiences and studies have taught me.As I was not born when electricity was invented, I don’t know the pain that the inventor experienced and also the fact is I didn’t invent electricity. But I will get angry when current is cut off for more than three hours and I will begin to complain about the electricity board or government to the people nearby. I will not remember the person who created electricity.Electricity cut off for hours is what I experience so I know what is MISSING .I am not saying we should not remember God. Read fully.

In churches, they are giving manna, in some chappathis, wine or both anything that applies.Are they sure or have abundance belief this manna is the same manna that Jesus gave or has the same powers?

Did Jesus talk to them through email or telephone or smartphone and gave them the recipe to this manna.? Are they sure that they are not imagining?Even I can imagine anything .For example they are either a demon with seven heads or an angel with beautiful feathers.

Jesus said do this in remembrance of me.The main point that should be underlined is, “I am Jesus Christ and I have given my own life for the sake of you.My Father loves you even though you hurt Him and betrayed me, I love you and I don’t hold anything against you.We should be grateful or ungrateful?But what bothers is many of us think we only see God and Christ.They forgot totally about the Holy Spirit they had. What is MISSING is Holy Spirit.

We are all lost souls.When two Christians argue, there is no culture. Common agreement is missing. It is either you think you are a true Christian or they think they are true Christians.Only one can be right.Does anyone know who is?Yeah, there is nothing wrong with my community and your community only preaches wrong things.You said this about my community and I will say this about your community.Can we argue with God or Jesus?. Do not call anyone good from now on, only God is good.

When we believe in holy trinity truly and trust it, then we will know for what purpose we were created in the first place and why we were created for real.

I will sum up-I don’t forgive and I don’t forget, either I like people or I don’t like people, I hold grudges inside and sometimes act friendly outside, I am downright mean, I will anger people, I will hurt people, I will love people, I will show partiality, I am dishonest, I will lie, I will not respect people,, I will bless people and I will curse people because I am not God or Christ. That’s all matters.You and I are born humans.We as a human are addicted to the few or more of the above.

Difficult situations make us stronger eliminating our doubts and illusions showing solutions and giving hope that future will be better or awesome while easy situations are repetitions that seems different and gives temporary sensations of joy.

There is a famous quote, If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. I can say it like this If you repeat a truth often enough, it becomes a lie. Truths are thoughts of different people.If two people agree to one thing, it is a truth according to them.

“Success and happiness finds anyone whether they are black or white, fat or slim, this religion or that religion, that country or this country”.For me, peace of mind, a surrounding without a noise or sometimes a noise creates success and happiness.Let’s have a peppy conversation, what impact your religion had/has on you?

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