Fantastico-A letter to my foreign friend

People are like books. We judge strangers by just looking at the cover design, by talking to them for less than ten minutes, we judge people we know, being friends with them, family by reading only quarter of the book/half of the book, as we are either impatient/find the book very boring/feel it didn’t touch both our heart and mind/it didn’t pique our interest.

Dear xxxxx,

Even though you are like a decade younger than me, I get it you are very intelligent and also brilliant than me, you can get any person you want. I don’t have to advice you. Your ex/first boyfriend seems like a very, very good guy to me. He seems like a gentleman.He is stable and grounded, down to earth, he is very calm even when you shouted at him. Your second boyfriend ditched you. You were carefree and found another soon for revenge reasons. To make your second ex jealous, you want to live with your current boyfriend now who may or may not be suitable to your character. In the future, either he will ditch you or you will ditch him.

So my rating on your love relationships
1. Cover design-3.5/5
2. Cover design-3/5
3. Cover design-3.5/5

(Strangers this is how they will feel, when they see you both together, I am one stranger-if they are great judges you will get a fair judgment without reading the whole book)

After reading half of the book online and social media sites

1.Love match-3/5
2.Love match-2/5

After reading quarter of the book, your third boyfriend and you

Love match-2/5(He seems like someone, who is a coward who will not mind posting your intimate moments on youtube or selling it on ebay when you ditch him/he ditches you-why the hell you want to move in with him)
So what I am saying who is the real hero in Vampire diaries, Stefan/Damon? Alaric/Matt?I think you are wise and different.

Alaric and Matt are lifetime opportunities. They are one of a kind and one in a million.


After reading the first half of the book-Your first boyfriend is like new Matt. He is the real victim not you. He has many friends who love him even if he is surrounded by them, he feels lonely.

Alaric-He was the vampire slayer and he became a vampire. He is cool, balanced, handles people cleverly, and he is able to see both sides of the story. He is faithful to all his girlfriends and he respects them(dead/alive-why God why are you so mean-me says).He is the real hero.

Case study

Suppose, you have a niece and a nephew and their parents live abroad. You have to go to some far way place with your current boyfriend urgently(Businees/personal/anything). You can’t trust anybody with them as these two are the most naughtiest child in the world(your best friends believe they are incapable/your family/best friends live somewhere God knows-imagination). What will these two say, if you request them to? Pure imagination.

Conversation with Matt and Alaric

Matt-Speaks very slowly.I don’t know why you ditched me. What did he have that I didn’t? Ok, I am so sorry for saying this. I was a jerk to you(even he is not).I will take care of your niece and nephew. Tell me how to handle them and go peacefully and finish your work whatever it is. Be good to your boyfriend(he says your name).

Alaric-What a pleasant surprise? It is my dear ex. How have you been? Long time, no see. So, this beautiful young lady is your niece and this handsome young man is your nephew . Just relax, why you are panicking, me and my girlfriend will take care of your niece and nephew. They are no different than our own and (you can read his heart(precious than gold, platinum, diamond, etc)).

Stefan-oh, I pity him but I(you) have no other option.You say, please keep my niece and nephew away from Damon. I am afraid that he might eat them and just say I was hungry. What is the big deal?Just consider yourself fortunate because I removed your burden.

You will not go to Damon-I(you) pity myself.What did I think?Stefan, Alaric, Matt, Bonnie and Caroline are all out of town, family lives elsewhere(Pure imagination).I will pay my neighbor 10000 bucks and leave these two brats.

Your justification(pure imagination)

Damon-You know he either loves or hates people.He loves Elena and she loved him, so he loved his brother.Elena loved his brother first and he couldn’t hurt Elena, so he hurt her brother(beginning).

So will you believe your niece and nephew will be safe with Stefan and Damon?You may doubt Matt a little, lose a little peace of mind but he will ask help from people like Caroline, ex’s brother and Bonnie even if he feels lonely and hurting.

Who do you want to be with when you reach a particular age, say 50-60?Alaric/Matt, Stefan/Damon.Alaric and Matt have trustworthy friends like Caroline, Elena’s brother and Bonnie.Alaric has everyone’s back, he is trusted by many even when he is not considered as a hero(including Damon and Stefan).

You can’t get Alaric but you can get Matt. Instead of ruining your life by thinking you are making your ex matt jealous , taking revenge on your second ex-boyfriend(Damon who used caroline, weakling) and you have come to a pathetic state which is living with your third boyfriend without reading the full book. Why do they say be wise and different?Meaning, read the full book. You may like the twists and turns, may not like the twists and turns, some revelations, etc.

My verdict-People reading this post, your book will become a best seller, unless you are wise and different.Listen to your heart when you are not at 60 but right now.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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