Impact of Books

My dear fellow bloggers and readers, We have got another chance to improve ourselves.This is New year. I agree that nobody is perfect. We have all made some errors we are not proud of in the past, but now the present is the new reality and we have to embrace this brand new year with a fresh perspective and take vows not to repeat the same mistakes we did yesterday by which I mean since the time we started learning to speak.

My dear friends, let us not just make a resolution, let us live it. Have you made a mistake, forgive yourself, and write it down in your diary so that you don’t repeat the same mistake again. Have you hurt someone for no reason, tell them sorry, if they don’t accept your apology, it is their burden. Did someone hurt you, forgive them and forget them, remove them from your life, don’t waste time, this will drive them crazy and have only a handful of trustworthy friends(no chatterbox, backstabbers, small minded people) and it is a new year. If your life is a book, you don’t like some pages. Tear it down and throw it in the dustbin. Life is too short we don’t know whether there is a hell and heaven. Our vagaries of emotions has been given to us by who and how is a ?.

Miracles in 2015

In the month of December, last year, two miracles happened in my life which is Author Vikrm Verma’s Guru with Guitar and Author Joshua K.Linden’s The sound of water: A psychology of the soul and in this month, Dr.Ajay Yadav whose book I just reviewed. They have changed my entire perspective about life. Especially about my views on Religions particularly my religion which is Christianity. I was inspired by these three books directly to find out the truth regarding this religion(special credit goes to Dr.Ajay). Holy Bible is just a book is my humble opinion. Christians must take it easy and just relax. I live in an unconventional family where I have the freedom to go to church whenever I feel like. It was possible only because of my loving parents. But they go to church almost every Sundays.

Christians say, Holy Bible. I say, it is just a book written by different people on different periods. It contains romance, crime thrillers, mysteries, fantasies, songs, folklore, erotica(how can we say, Holy Bible?), biography, suspense, and many more. Confession-I haven’t read the full book, yes many of us haven’t and I really don’t want to read it what is the use?. Okay, I will continue, they say, it contains Old Testament and New Testament, I always ask, where is the New Testament. What a pity.

Christians say they follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ, but how many act as Jesus Christ is again a ?. Jesus Christ has been crucified on the cross and he had many good qualities which many haven’t mastered yet. What is wrong with us? Then why go to churches and waste the time by fooling themselves and others like them. Self-prayer is the best prayer. Flattering God through prayers will not give them a place in heaven as they are not a guaranteed Jew if they believe there is a heaven. Christianity is a corrupted community where there is no modern day Jesus Christ, there will never be. If their argument is there is no person like Jesus Christ we are all sinners, we will not follow Ten Commandments but Jesus Christ will take mercy on us and will also save us, who are they trying to fool? Even your hairs are numbered, God says.

It is wonderful isn’t it, what we think is the most extraordinary thing in life turns out be the simplest thing. My precious, my precious(we hear this in Lord of the Rings).Christian hypocrites say(a calculated guess), my precious, my precious holy Bible and I will go to heaven if I have many Holy Bible in my house and go to church regularly but will not follow what is said in the bible especially in New testament. Are you insulting yourself/insulting Jesus Christ-Son of God? Flattering God will not lead you to heaven. You are just exploiting others to have a secured life(LHS=RHS). Life beigns when you are out of your comfort zone. If you are leading a comfortable life, it means that you are in a dream land.Insecurities are noisy.Confidence is silent.

Noah’s family, David’s family, Abraham’s family , Moses, John the Babptist(relative of Jesus), Lazarus, Jonah, Solomon, etc who were Jews by birth went to heaven without a doubt is my version of truth for now according to Bible.

How many Christians if they are really christians knows this?

“After the death of Jesus his movement of obeying Torah was led by James (brother of Jesus), Peter and John. Jesus sacrificed his life preaching the people to adhere to Torah while Paul(original name saul who actively took part in stoning of Stephan) asked them to reject it. He crossed all limits by declaring that Jesus died to absolve others of their sins so anyone who believes in Jesus will be free of sins. His religion now known as Christianity attracted non-jews(known as Gentiles) and Jews as well”

“Jesus asked people to adhere to laid down by Moses only(Torah)not to succumb to Hellenism. He promised them a reward-if they adhered to Torah the ‘kingdom of God’ free of evils”.

“He set an example of social equality by eating with outcasts”.

These are the lines that touched my soul -From where i see written by Dr.Ajay Yadav

“Then some of the scribes and Pharisees said to Him, “Teacher, we wish to see a sign from You.” But He answered them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign; but no sign shall be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale, so will the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. The men of Nineveh will arise at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and behold, something greater than Jonah is here. The Queen of the South(Sheba) will arise at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and behold, something greater than Solomon is here.” (Matthew 12:38-42 RSV)-Bible

Do not complicate the simplicity

So we complicate our life many times by trying to find out what we have already found out. Enjoy life without sinning is to be underlined. Life is very simple-Joy of Birth and Curse of Death. Your birth certificate is ready and your death certificate will be ready. If we are aware of this fact, everyone in this world will live a happily ever after in heaven and on earth is my belief. Why people are very greedy, why they accumulate wealth on earth by saying they are going to give this to their children and their grandchildren. This culture is unhealthy. What are they trying to prove, human beings are fertile? I am telling this to my family members and my best friends also.

First World War is over, Second World War is also over and if third world war comes, what is going to happen we don’t know yet. Instead of fooling ourselves by saying we love our children, we can just stop producing children for a change. If people truly love children, they wouldn’t have given birth in the first place. Does anybody love watching their loved one die? Children are our play toys, this is in many people’s subconscious mind. Actions speaks louder than voice. Movies and serials are enough proofs. Don’t see their smiles, see their death. You are passing your curse of death to your children which is utter selfishness. Did they ask for it or beg for it?The message I want to give to my fellow bloggers and readers is that do not judge a book by its cover or the synopsis or the eye catchy title and just accept (nitpick) inspirational books if you have more space in your room. You may get enlightened just like me.

Good books, Good friends and a sleepy conscience is the ideal life-Mark Twain.

This will be my resolution for the second time in my life. Good people give you a reason to smile, and the bad people teach you a lesson we should never forget which is we should not be like them and don’t lose our conscience-the right frame of mind and divert us from our true purpose. Be wise and different. If someone argues(family/colleagues) with you or shouts at you, keep quiet and leave the place or the job, let them get a heart attack, even your parents to have peace of mind.Insecurities are noisy. Why I am saying this is, it is not like you are going to die when they die. Their life is totally different from yours. If you are married, your spouse’s life is different from your life. So if you are following any religion, be it Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, etc know this. If God loves you so much, why did He/She wants you to die(You must have done something wrong or paying for your ancestor’s sin is an assumption). It is like asking why non-vegetarians want to kill certain animals and insects to cook and eat. Even some humans eat humans(a heinous crime in Noida is an example).

Be inspired

Children are God’s gift they say, Joy of birth is a very brilliant argument, but we have to be very practical and down to earth, we don’t want to see our own blood die even if we are happy we die before them , let’s be selfless. This is a choice I made since I was very young inspired by my father(who is a retired bank manager-November 2015)who surrounded himself with young people and helped orphanage and old age homes, poor people, a deaf and mute lady, helped lot of people in Jayamkondam, Kumbakonam , Trichy and Madurai even though the money he saved for us was not up to our liking. But the respect he gained from these people can only be experienced. I get goose bumps whenever I visit Madurai to see a family who he helped. They keep on praising my father.

So my dear bloggers and readers, I value and respect your opinions and views, you are unique but I don’t want to force my opinions on you. Let’s fall down and get up on our own leg and teach our future children (if you already have, great) about good living. This is my message.


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