The Innovator

2015 was a big turning point for me. It made me realize what I want to do with my life, how I am going to spend rest of my life and above all with whom. In this post, you can see me talk about only the goodness of the world. But it will be different from yours.Have no expectations from me just like i don’t expect anything from whoever reading this post.

Why I am saying is, my culture differs from yours and it differs from my own religion and my family including. Even in many families they don’t follow a particular culture, meaning, common agreement on any topic is missing.

 We all live in cultureless families is my version of truth. So not only in India all over the world if we consider, there is no proper culture that everyone can agree with in unison. As a responsible human being, we have to realize that we are all equal whether we are rich or poor or somewhere in the middle. We are that religion or this religion. We have white complexion or black complexion.Our body structure is fat or slim.Everyone dies one day is a fact that none of us can deny.

If we go back in time, the solution to many of the problems which the today’s society finds it difficult to solve is answered in a simplest manner. When we want comfort, what do we do? A fine example, I can give is my children. Though I am not married yet, when I have them, I will want my children to be very, very happy. So I will do whatever I can to make them enjoy their life in this world. I will start my life fresh and I will not think about my life anymore but their life alone. I will think about their education and their future for their well-being and also secretly for my well-being. When I reach old age, I will believe they will return the same favor like I took care of them, they will take care of me.

Bad Omen is an Illusion

When people want comfort, they will go to any lengths to satisfy their selfish desires. They will produce false facts like for example, the Bihar woman who was denied the job just because she was a widow. The village locals were not in the right frame of mind. She was considered a bad omen as some bad authority figures who would have convinced them. The meek villagers just put their blind faith on them or their ancestors who lived in the place before verifying the facts. If you tell a lie enough it becomes a truth. Not only in underdeveloped villages, even in big cities, how many people lack in common sense is a big question mark. We can trust people but we should not let them corrupt our minds. If everyone in this world thinks about morality and justice, we will all have love, peace of mind and happiness.

Let us go back in time, the way how our ancestors lived.

Did they get/have HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Leprosy, TB, heart attacks,  Diabetes, stress, anxiety, tension, headache,depression,calcium deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies, any physical disabilities, orphanage homes, old age homes, how many days they lived exactly, any social issues,  number of suicides, divorces?

Who the hell created these things? Why do we need them? Can’t we get rid of ATLEAST some of them?

What is the problem with the world is that we take more time in understanding the quote, “The simplest things are also the most extraordinary things” which is written by my favorite author Paulo Coelho.

If we answer to the following questions honestly by connecting both our mind and heart, we will be able to get an idea.

Who is the owner of the world?

I will simplify even more.

  • Who is the owner of India?
  • Who is the owner of your(my) state?
  • Who is the owner of your(my) city?
  • Who is the owner of your(my) community?
  • Who is the owner of your(my) house/apartment?

I guess many of those who are reading this post own one or more houses, so you know the answer to the final question. But can you be specific from whom did you buy the land of your house/apartment you are currently living in? Who did they buy it from? I don’t want to continue. Even if you think I am telling the truth, you can curse me or leave a harsh comment. I can use bad words against you and you can use it against me. We can keep on doing these things until you die of heart attack first or I die of heart attack.

I have freedom of speech, so do you. I can shout at you and you can shout back at me. The thing is Life goes on. Human beings are Gods. Softhearted/hardhearted?As one person has the ability and capacity to kill/rule whoever they want. The owner of our life is everybody and anybody other than ourselves. For instance, you don’t like me. You can plot against me with your friends and the next day you can kill me. It is that simple. But finally, you are also going to die one day is a reality. Animals die and so do we. Sorry, the post has to be inspirational, if you continue reading the above one more time, it may inspire but it depends on the mindset of different people.

Who is my inspiration?

Sushmita Sen was the one who inspired me first in my school days. I told my friends only in 12th std that I want to adopt two children and give them everything. Then I read many stories about other celebrities adopting children and raising them as their own. I learnt later my parents also went to adopt a girl child after losing their hope for 10 years but soon they got their own child. So if I get married in the future, I will not have my own children. I will adopt two children(one girl, one boy) and I will raise them differently. I think it is better, if I tell them what they can expect from the world and what support as a parent they can expect from me like in prenups. I will be very, very honest with my children. I will make them read newspapers at a very young age, say 6. Life is not about having luxury and comfort. These are only temporary things. I can give these two things to my children but I cannot expect the same thing from the world. Did I inspire you to raise you children differently?

Children are God’s gift they say, why don’t we adopt orphanage children? Did God put them in these places or told us they are cursed or they are bad omens?Those who say they are bad omens or they are cursed children, have proofs from God?If they are bad omens, they are good omens.So they can use magic to send the bad omens to hell.Joy of birth is a good argument, but we have to be very practical, we don’t want to see our loved ones die don’t we?Let’s adopt God’s children by which i mean humans.


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