Impact of making crafts

History of crochet is very amusing. The word “Crochet” is originally derived from the country, France.Hook is the real meaning for this lovely Handicraft in English.The reason for the same is that crochet needle differs totally from normal stitching needle.

My teacher is a wonderful person, she knows all the craft makings, her family is a friend of my grandparents, so she taught me many crafts for free. She is an expert in knitting crochet but does not know why it’s called crochet in the first place. Without knowing itself, she is drawn towards it and she has become a beautiful knitter. Moreover, she has also  learned to knit a variety of designs using her knowledge bank.

Learning crotchet requires lot of patience. If we nail this art, we can make beautiful earrings, handbags, table mat, etc. But the thing is that it is very difficult to learn. I was trying to learn this art by a good teacher, I didn’t get it right. Holding the needle and putting the first knot took me almost three-four days.

Almost all over the world, people love this art but are not willing to learn this art except willing to pay any amount to buy it. I am asking why we can’t learn this. It’s an add-on to our talents. We have internet in our homes, we can learn this from our home itself. No need to go pay hefty fees.


While ordinary needle looks small and thin, crochet needle looks bigger in size and has a hook bent at the tip of the needle top.That is why it is formerly known as crochet(hook).For first time learners, knitting using crochet needle may seem ironically difficult but once a person has learned to pull the yarn using the hook and formed a chain, there is no need to worry.



Practice plays a significant role in all kinds of handicrafts, especially, if anyone is very serious about crochet, they must keep only one thing in mind, “Never give up”  as there are many occasions in which a person may be tempted to withdraw.

By keeping this simple rule in mind, it is easy for anyone to make loads of popular, eye-catchy things out of crochet(it has great impact on us too) such as Children’s socks, sweater, purse, cell phone covers, table mat, earrings and much more. For this to happen, one must be different and dare to try it.

We can learn not only crotchet, many other crafts. Does watching soap operas and cinemas pays you?Doing these crafts will make you feel proud of yourself and it gives you a satisfaction only people who are into craft making have experienced. I can make variety of studs in paper quilling, it relaxes me. My mother is good at making organdy flowers, plastic and paper flowers which is used to decorate on weddings. We are not immortals. Let us help ourselves by learning new, innovative things that helps us to enjoy our life meaningfully.

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Law of demand

A peppy talk about Law of demand

Does the law of demand apply in every case? The answer is no. It doesn’t apply to many cases and situations. People may demand lesser quantity of products than the previous month or in the current and future month.

That’s why the law of demand can be said as fluctuating according to the needs and wants of the people. For instance, a buyer wants to buy a car, which car will he demand? There are companies producing cars. According to law of demand which companies he will prefer? He will buy a car according to his tastes and preferences. But once again, his tastes and preferences are fluctuating according to time, price, place and product.

There are some exceptions to the law of demands. Let us have a good look at it and come to our own conclusion. A peppy talk about the exceptions.

Giffen paradox

Inferior goods are called Giffen goods which are cheaper. These are special and extraordinary and nutritious too. Some examples for the same is Ragi, cheaper vegetables like potato fall under this Giffen paradox category. Sir Robert Giffen keenly observed that when the price of a particular product in high demand increases and the supply is low, consumers no matter how much income they earn, they buy large quantity of goods. A fine example is potato. This is indeed an exception to the law of demand.


Consumers ignore the price of the product. This is only sometimes because they think a higher priced product is better than the lower priced product. Bad education about economical living and poor understanding of commerce is to be blamed.

A sea change in fashion

Even though there is a sea change in fashion, for example a company sells shoes. Now it has invented a new shoe which is quality wise best than their previous shoes. Will the buyers buy the old shoes or the new shoe? They will certainly buy the old shoes more because they have tried it. As for new shoe, they are not currently willing to take a risk, even if they put their full trust on the company’s loyalty towards the customer. The law of demand doesn’t apply here.


There are things that form a part of our life. We must buy it, there is no other way. I guarantee you. We have to buy them even the price of the product is high. The example for these necessities are Television set, automobiles like car, bus, auto, refrigerators, washing machine, dish washer, vacuum cleaner, etc. Even if some of these products price go high, customers will buy it as they are necessities of life. These goods are also known as ‘u’ sector goods and they show the symbol of prestige.

This is it. The above are the exceptions to the law of demand. Everyone needs to know about these things which plays a vital role in their life. Anybody can choose any major in college but basics about economics, accounting and commerce will help everyone live a happy, prosperous life.

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Impact of Non-vegetarianism : Pity indeed

Why do we have to kill animals and eat them? Why am I asking these is it is because of killing these animals and eating it we are acting as animals. God may have said to eat some animals but why do we have to eat them if we have vegetables and fruits available in the market.

Just think about this. The God you are talking about may have said through someone to eat these animals and insects for food but aren’t you educated, you have enough knowledge don’t you? Human instinct is more powerful than animal instinct. How can there be people who harm an animal which doesn’t talk?I am talking on behalf of all animals.

It is such a poor thing. I take pity on them. What mistake the hen, goat, cow, pig and prawn do? If God gave them the power to talk, they will be more powerful than us. They are just living beings just like us. God created everything equal. But the speaking power he gave to us as he made us in his form. If you agree to this? Like God is merciful on us, can we be merciful on animals too. It’s a vicious cycle. God shows mercy on us, He/She forgives our mistakes. Just like that, can we forgive the animals whatever stupid thing they did. Let us be caring and affectionate towards the animals. Why do in many homes, they have pets such as dogs, cats, parrots and love birds. I don’t really understand , it relaxes us and acts as a stress buster but these can be done by other animals except the dangerous ones like elephant, snakes, etc.

Let us put ourselves in the shoes of these butchered animals. The brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, bones, the whole body is cut off into many pieces. We the people buy it and enjoy eating it than vegetarian foods. If this was done to us, if in case we are low lives, and the animals eat us how would we feel? Thinking about it, is really painful isn’t it.

Whoever preys on the weak will be punished somehow. In our next life may be, if we believe so. That’s why I am inspired by a book and want to make an announcement to all my readers. Become a vegetarian. Eat lots of fruits. Don’t buy meat. Please know that it does more harm than good. Can you understand the mindset of someone who runs these shops? It may be for money but the poor lives which is indeed a sad thing cries for help but not able to do so, that’s why shouts so that the person who is going to butcher it leave it alone. But is this a case? No. They take no mercy. Fish is the most pitiful. It suffocates and dies a painful death. That is when we reach ripe old age, many suffocate and die a painful death. In this world, there is nothing that cannot be answered. We have got the knowledge and power. So let us use them in a wise manner.

There is no proof God is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian(Does God eat?). If he is a non-vegetarian why don’t we eat other animals(strong proof needed), also why only certain pitiful animals.What impact it has on us?We may act like animals.Live, let them live.

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Experiences speak louder than words

A peppy talk

In schools, these days what do they teach? Some children are socially awkward, some are really aggressive at such a young age, some children lack concentration power? Parents have to be blamed first as the children were with them when they were till three-four years. Teachers must make initiatives to catch the children young.

Let me tell you a story about a girl who completed her 6th grade in a Tamil Medium school and her father transferred to Trichy and she was put in an English medium school. She was blank. She don’t know how to converse in English. She was mentally affected as the teachers were giving lot of homework’s that she could not complete on time.

She just cried and made a big scene and finally due to her stubbornness her parents made a decision that is drop her out of the school and search for another school. They found the right school in Trichy. The strength of the students in each class were very less, so individual attention to the students were possible. But what I found as injustice she was again put in 6th grade to learn the basics as it is a English medium school.

The girl now is a blogger, human rights activist, student, interested in far reaching political news and deeply cares for the society’s well-being. Do you know this girl? Of course, you do.

Give the child, the attention she/he deserves. They will able to come out of their shell with flying colors.

Children are just lent to parents. So a parent doesn’t have the right to beat the children and scold the children. So does the teachers. Be logical and innovative to make the children listen to you, if you are a parent or teacher.

Some children bottle up their emotions, which is a bad thing. These children must need great care and affection. They must know they are loved and they are safe with them. Children need to know that their parents can be trusted with their secrets otherwise parents will be responsible for the child’s mess of a life.

From my experience, when I was studying in 6th std in an esteemed school, a girl with my age who was working as a house maid came to take a little girl to her parents.

She is a school dropout. Who is to be blamed? Her story was very sad. I will not say her parents are to be blamed. I will say the Government instead of taking pride accomplishing the small things, when will they accomplish the big things and shout with joy? When will all the people in this world attain equality? Currency is just playing with fire. Because of money and power only lakhs and lakhs of people commit crimes. Print more currency and build a house for these poor people and give free education. They will bless you. Make rich people smile, you don’t deserve to live.Make poor people smile, you deserve everything life has to offer.

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A peppy talk about Good Management of society

Our education is at fault. Why do the children below the age of 15 must learn the subject “ History”. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. Without human, the world will be a dry land. In History what do we learn, King Ashoka killed these many people and gained victory, Hitler and Mussolini killed these people, etc. Yes, they are all wrong. We should take it in a positive way and forget what they have done and forgive people. Is this always the case in all incidents in India?

Impact of the government
Take politicians for example. DMK is saying bad things about ADMK and it goes on. All political parties are like this.What is the use of putting the blame of someone, when you are going to die so do the other party? Enjoy as much as you want while you are here on earth. Politicians must give their money to underprivileged children’s education.

From my Point of view, they have not begun their service.No one. When shall I say Politicians have began their service?

Building homes for the poor people, beggars who are living in huts.
Giving free education at schools for the children between the ages 5-14(all schools)

Improving the infrastructure of the roads even if it means eradicating some house(They can give a house/apartment to the people by bribing them with double the amount of their actual cost of their house)

Making all multinational companies to open a branch in all cities or some popular cities.I am stressing the point, diversification. This is because traffic jams will be reduced constantly.

Criminals of rape, gang rape and murder must be numbered according to state, city and religion. This will help the policemen to find the root cause.

Botany, zoology, physics and chemistry and maths how it can be applied to this world. This education must be primary. If a student is not able to relate with the subject and finds its not useful for her life, then there is no meaning of teaching them.

7)Forward caste, Backward caste, Most backward class, scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, how many people are rich, how many people belong to the poor category, how many belong to the middle class must be analyzed thoroughly. Then they must be given a title according to their income. From my experience, backward class where many are upper middle class and super rich earn a luxurious life and we are forward caste, we don’t have that privilege, we are lower middle class.

8) Street dogs, street cats, street cows are a menace to the society. The government must build a house for these neglected animals and employ persons to take care of them

9) Supply Garbage bags in all sizes(not plastic bags)to all citizens. If you see the streets, it looks very ugly because of the garbage’s thrown here and there. I am talking about the cities where I lived.

10) Make policemen go rounds in the morning and afternoon in each street. Employ workers to clean the street each week. Pay them salary for a week work not monthly.

11) Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, spitting on roads, throwing garbage’s must be prohibited. These people must be warned and they must pay a fine of Rs.1500 for the welfare of the city.

12) Money can be printed how much ever we want. So why the government is selfish?If the government is willing to pay heed to what I am saying, people in India will lead a prosperous life in terms of wealth, peace of mind and immense joy.



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Impact of the foolish people


The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. How true these words are! What the government is doing? It gets richer and the people get poorer than them.

Many rich people have many houses like beach house, Bungalows, houses for their children and their grandchildren. I assure any one whoever reading this post, if you are one among them you are fools.

Can you give me proof you(we) are not a fool? You(we) die, they(all children) die. Are you(we) feeling guilty because they came through you(we), so you(we) have a burden on your(our) shoulder to take care of them and give them proper education and pass on your(our) wealth like you(we) passed on your curse which is death?

How can you(we) be so selfish and greedy? One house is not enough, you(we) want to buy as many houses while the poor people don’t have a proper house to live, many poor children drop out of school because of lack of money. What do you think about this? If your(our) argument is they must have done something in their previous life, then in this life you(we) are doing something and in your(our) next life you(we) will be cursed immensely just like them is one way of understanding.

What is the reason?

Why do you(we) want to accumulate wealth? What is the primary reason? Your(our) children is the best answer. So what I am trying to say is ask your children not to produce children and pass on diseases because of heredity and pass on the curse which is nothing but death and enjoy their freedom.

How can you(we) be so mean? The world is a corrupted community because of stupid people/bad omens/bad teachers. Teach the children the right way, they will thank you.

Jealousy, greediness, selfishness, gloating, dishonesty are crimes done by people because of people. There is a proverb children learn from what you are. So if you are a good parent, be proud your children have learnt your good qualities, they are one. If you are a bad parent (assume you are married if you are not yet married) be ashamed of the fact, your children developed lot of bad qualities from you.
In this world, there are only three sets of people.

People who have bad characters-demons, people who have good characters-angels, people who don’t know or keep one feet in clean water and keep another feet in dirt water. Which one of these best describes you whoever reading this post, please answer?

To all the rich people in the world, when you die, only the cloth you wore you take with you and when you were born what did you bring into this world, remember? So why are you so worried about your living? The world doesn’t owe you anything, you owe to the world. You are the master of your deeds. Let them be good deeds otherwise you will judged by people even though they don’t say it openly.

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A peppy talk about logic and being down to earth

She was just a child walking near you on the road
Yet you did not notice her mood!
She was begging for money
To feed her empty stomach!
But you just moved away from her in a hurry
Speaking in your phone
She desperately wondered who that was
For you took her tears for granted,
As she wiped with one hand.
How could you do such a terrible thing to a child?
You must be a demon in disguise.
Was it maybe ‘cause she was not your blood?

Why do many people in India shy away from adopting a child? It is not their own blood. What is so great about having your own son or daughter? They are going to die anyway just like all other humans. Sometimes, we forget the joy of birth and curse of death is present in our lives. We not only pass on our wealth to our children and grandchildren we pass on the curse also by giving birth. Death is a curse or a blessing?

Of course, it’s a blessing if it’s a poor who dies early, if the rich dies early it’s a curse. Are you here with me? Many times, we don’t make sense of the simplest things in life which is applying logic to any situations.
If everybody thinks logically, the earth will sure be a heaven. All the people will live in harmony, they will have immense love, happiness and peace of mind.

What is logic?

If someday argues with you for no reason or you may be right, they may be wrong!What you should do is avoid the argument by applying a simple solution which is logic just because the argument leads you nowhere. That is it.

What is being practical and down to earth?

Suppose you are married. You are planning to have a child. You must not think about the pain of birth and joy of just born child. What you should do? You must think about their future thinking your children are just lent to you. They are not precious materials to pass on your wealth. If you raise them wise, they will be able to create a brighter future for themselves. Many crimes occurs only because of humans who fill in the blank between their birth day and death day.

Think practically otherwise you will lose the purpose of your life. Your life is in your hands not your children’s life. After you die, can you be sure they will live a happy life free of worries? You don’t know. That’s why I am saying adopt a child. You will be amazed how they look after you when you are at your ripe old age.

We are all humans, we make mistakes. Life begins when we are out of our comfort zone. So let us not be selfish, let us be volunteers of good deeds. This is the impact life has on me.


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