This is serious

Speaking of sexual harassment and violence on women, I feel this kind of injustice occurs only because of media(excluding news, sports and other valuable channels that doesn’t waste our time).The media has corrupted the minds of the people is what I mean.The media persons may argue that they didn’t but I will definitely put the blame on them.Why do they want to show women as a glamour material or a sex symbol.What is the reason?They want to please the men.They can please the women also from now on.Men and women are not equal, even if an actress has more scenes and does skin show , she will not be paid higher than the actor who plays hero’s role.It is really upsetting why the women are very silent towards such an injustice. Who will they blame, the rapists or the movies or soap operas for portraying women in a bad manner?As a woman, I strongly agree we are weaker than men. Gang rape, rape, molestation, eve teasing, sexual harassment are the heinous crimes done by men.

You can’t make the men to stop raping women. They will not and they will never listen to what the women are saying. As an Indian, we have freedom of speech, so let us use them wisely. Girls who watch television or go to movies have a crush on an actor or actors. Some girls know it is not possible for them to marry or just have a date with the actor but some girls fall madly in love with the actor, they do stupid things.It is simply insane.

Now coming onto the men, they are also like that. When they watch item songs which portrays women as a sex symbol, they will look at other girls and women in the same way.I am talking about some men not all men. Also the fact is they will get an idea, women are sex toys to be played with and have fun with. Just compare the world fifty years ago with today. You will see the solution to the bugging problem.I would also suggest a solution to prevent rape. It is providing more buses for women in big cities where crime is large and telling their parents to pick up their girl children at school or if both the parents are working, ask an elder like grandparents to pick up their children. It is better if their children’s school is in their locality. This provides more safety and security to the children and also gives peace of mind to the parents.We can keep on argue men must consider women with respect, their mother is also a woman, their sister is also a woman, their daughter is also a woman but the thing is in the eyes of some evil men, the woman they have laid their eyes on is different than their relations.His girls and women are precious, and other girls and women are to be played with and spoiled with.

Why I want to encourage women to report sexual violence-They have all the rights just like men. They can’t simply ignore it. They have to do what is right even when their family opposes them just because they feel ashamed. Also for the fact, there is a better or worst version called tomorrow. It will or will not be very pleasant. If men keep on raping women, they will one day be considered as animals because by then majority of the men will have raped young girls and women. If 8-10 men rapes one woman, then do the math.

“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s#KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”


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