Appam and Coconut milk

Have you ever made appam?It’s a traditional dish made by many south Indians.Since it is sweet, it is also served as a snack or dessert. It’s a wonderful dish which is very easy to make.The side dish for appam(rice cake) can be sweet or spicy.But the best one is coconut milk.If your loved one is suffering from Ulcer, make this dish frequently.The problem will vanish into thin air.Now I will tell you how to make the usual appam so that you can try different variety of appams.You can make this appam in a small pan and serve it for dessert with coconut milk.


How to make appam?

If you are tired of making appam flour at your house, you can buy the flour at your nearest store which also saves lot of time.I am not sure whether the flour is available in North India.Just in case, i will tell you the recipe myself.

1)Soak 1 cup of raw rice, 1 cup of parboiled rice,  3 table spoon of urad dhal and 1 table spoon of fenugreek seeds in water.Keep it like that for a night and grind it the next day.Appam flour is ready.

2)If the batter is not thin, add water to make it a little watery but not so watery.You can add a spoon of Sugarfree Natura to the flour.

3)Now take a appam pan and let it dry in heat for five minutes.After that pour some oil, followed by appam flour.

4)Hold the pan and rotate it until the appam flour is spread nicely.Close the pan with a lid.Check whether it is cooked simultaneously.Once it is cooked, take the appam to serve it hot to your family.


How to make coconut milk?

You don’t have to go to college to know how to make coconut milk.Just grate coconut and add water.Then squeeze it.The milk is ready.Add Sugarfree Natura instead of sugar to the coconut milk, it will taste even better.

Appam is ready , so is coconut milk.What are you waiting for, eat and see how it tastes.I am sure you will love it.

Other famous appam

Unni(small) appam


Just add Jaggery to the appam flour and cook in Kuzhi Paniyara pan.

Fruit appam

Add your favorite fruits in appam flour and make kuzhi paniyarams.

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