Trichy is the best

I have visited plenty of cities in Tamil Nadu and few cities in Kerala. Although I would say that when it comes to the city which is more drivers friendly, I would say it is Kerala. But I don’t have that much knowledge about all the cities in Kerala as it is not my native state.So I would like to talk about Trichy which is 5-6 hours traveling distance from where I live, that is Chennai.

About the city

Trichy is considered to be the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu. Many Tamil Scholars were born in this city.In this place, you can find many famous Hindu temples. There is a famous river named Cauvery and it has many visitors during major Hindu festivals. Not only that, in this city you can find more Muslims and Christians. What’s more, the place is also a heaven for North Indians as they own small scale businesses and large scale businesses in the heart of the city.Now let me list out the advantages of living in this beautiful city.

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Easy connectivity

I find, there are amazingly innumerable number of roads brilliantly constructed. This is the main reason why people find it easier to connect with the roads. In cities like Chennai, it is very difficult to find a particular address. After minutes and hours has passed only we will be able to find the exact location.I am able to say this because I have so many bad experiences in this city as I currently live here. But this is not true in the case of Trichy. Normally, you can find a place you are searching for within minutes. I know this as I have lived in the city before.

Less traffic or no traffic makes it easier to drive around the city

Even in rainy season, most people in Trichy drive smoothly.Only certain areas like Edaimalaipatti puthur, Crawford, Ponmalai, Malaikottai feel the wrath of floods and crowd. Trichy is usually not flood prone, so it takes at least a week to announce flood in the city that too only in some areas. You can’t see the sign of flood like you see on TV in Trichy which is really a boon to Trichy people.There is less traffic in the city but the public transport is flooded with people especially in the morning between 8-9 AM which is a drawback. The brighter side is that rarely you will hear news about accidents in the city which is a plus point.The traffic policemen truly deserves a hike in his salary.

The road design is pleasing to the hearts and minds of people

In traffic prone cities, people find it hard to relax. As a result, they fall prey to health issues especially that affects the heart. But in Trichy, people are able to cross the roads without rushing because of good road design, but the only people who find it uncomfortable are the people who travel during the morning and at night in bus as they are super crowded inside the vehicle and yet compared to Chennai it is nothing to worry about.This is my honest opinion.

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