Blogging for peace-thankful life/thankless life

After hearing the news about Paris attacks, there is nothing came to my mind, I was fully blank as I am very aware that we are living in a place where anything can happen to anyone at any moment. We should be prepared to be surprised.We are not foolish, we read newspapers, watch news channels, and we hear lot of real life horror stories from our neighbors, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.Let’s touch our hearts and say, have we ever felt safe in this world?

Religions were created in the beginning only because we should not do anything evil.But today, it has become a great excuse to do something evil. These kinds of crimes happen only because there is no sympathy or empathy for fellow human beings. In simple words, “You and I are not same”.Though , we as an Indian feel the pain of the families of the victims, we can’t do anything beyond that.The reason is we don’t have power in our hands. We really don’t know how to stop the crimes that’s been happening in our own country for a long time. So what we need is a miracle to put an end to this misery and our leaders are no way magicians.

Indians, Srilankans, Pakistanis, Kashmiris, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Russians, Americans, British and the list goes on.The same we can say about the color of people. There is diversity but there is no unity.I am #bloggingforpeace for my country.If only we accept the fact for real all are our brothers and sisters, we can’t have harmony among our people.We call our planet, mother earth but how many of us actually respect it.If you go to various places in India, let me talk about Tamil Nadu where I live, you can see people’s saliva on roads(if you are lucky you might stamp on it), plastic bags, water bottles(the poor people’s treasure), chocolate wrappers, public trash can overflowing with  wastes and so people have to throw their garbage outside the cans.

Another example, when I was studying in high school as well as in college, so many girls ran away with their boyfriends without their parents knowledge.That time all I was thinking was why didn’t their friends advise them, what kind of parents they had, now how will their life turn out and what is the message they are indirectly giving to their young ones?.If all people learn to respect their own parents(except criminals)and the people who helped them in the walks of life, they will be living a thankful life otherwise there will be numerous people who will be leading a thankless life which makes them vulnerable enough to commit crimes that they know are capable of according to their strengths and weaknesses.


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