The one #madeofgreat

Yes, everyone of us know people who are made of great.We can go on and on about praising them, sharing our experience with them to friends, relatives and acquaintances.Gladly I will too speak about such an intriguing person in my blog. But I first want to talk about the people who were there for me and guided me well since I was born.After that, I will tell about the real life star, a total stranger, foreigner actually who made it to the top of my #Madeofgreat list.I have known many people made of great, they include political leaders, economists, social workers, transgenders but according to me this person is a true example of made of great.Eventually, you will know why at the end of the post.

First, there is my grandfather. Please know I am talking about my mother’s father. He has 8 children. My mother is his third child. He is a very strict person.He was an economics professor as well as college warden in a well reputed college back then. As he comes late most of the days, he has to stay in the college itself, so he taught my grandmother who was nearly ten years younger to him to make his children write their homework in the hall itself. Only then they will be allowed to enter their room. While eating, few of his children will cheat by not eating the vegetables. My grandfather will definitely not leave them like that. He will shout at them and make them eat it no matter how many sad faces his children make. With his meagre earnings, he made all his children study (two of his children have completed master’s degree and two of them M.Phil, One engineer, two was an impossible task. But after his first son got a job as an chemical engineer his burden reduced, he also retired in the meantime and was able to run the family because of his loving children. He also got most of his children married after completing their masters for which my aunts should be thankful for am really proud of him.With this experience, i learnt, even if you don’t have sufficient money, borrow from those you know or from the bank to make your children achieve their professional goals.

Second, my grandmother.I remember this incident told by one of my aunts. One day, my grandfather brought along his good friend to home. As it was dinner time, he told the friend to eat Dosa with him. My grandmother panicked as she has to feed eight of her children. But she didn’t scold my grandfather. Instead she with her cooking ability managed to make very thin dosa. The friend also knowingly ate two dosas for formality and went home otherwise he would have eaten minimum five. In those days, people cared about their health a lot. So they eat plenty of healthy foods, dosa being one of them. With only my grandfather’s earnings, she managed to feed and raise all of her eight children who have turned out to be a real gem in today’s society. There are numerous incidents like this. The main point is the lesson she gave me. It is how to manage a household much out of little.

Third, my mother. All of my relatives will say this. There is nobody like your mother. She is a very silent, level headed person. Even in tough situations, she remains calm and tries to solve the matter whether it is education or related to my father, she will carry out her duty in the right way. Her polite manners are always make other people trust in them immensely. We shifted to many locations as my father was working in a bank but in almost in all houses, she made the maids feel like it is her home. She cared for them deeply. After finishing the work, those maids will talk to my mother and then only they will leave. It was a part of their day-to-day life. We also gave them gifts during Diwali and Christmas. It was sad indeed we couldn’t keep in touch with three of our previous maids but the last one as she has a mobile phone we still talk to her. Today, we have shifted to Chennai permanently which is a place where three of my aunts also live. The lesson I learnt through my mother how to care for others with pure heart.

Fourth, my father. He is someone who helps a lot. He has helped a deaf and dumb lady to stand on her own leg. I am not sure about the whole story since I was so young at that time. My father brought a middle aged lady who had three big children. Their family wasn’t doing well. Her first daughter, son and she worked in our household occasionally. My father also took me to her house once. As we were living in a small town initially, there were not that many people. So my father made many friends there apart from helping the unfortunate. After leaving the place, we came to Trichy. When I was studying in 8th standard his father died but his mother died when he was five years old.So from then on he made sure he helps old age home and orphanage home (either one in a year).Through him I learnt no matter how much I earn, I should give a part of my earnings to these homes at least once in a year.

Finally, the one that made me salute and feel proud at the same was a very young lady close to my age. She is only 23 year old. She says she was raped approximately 43200 times. Now with this hard experience, she is now helping girls like her. You should really read the article for yourself. I am so touched by her.None of us, women will be able to endure such a nightmare like she did.Even if we did, what will be the first think plenty of us think about.I don’t want to think about it.She is undeniably more than trillion times #Madeofgreat.She has left a strong impression on me.She made me realize that girl children(few cases male children) especially in countries like ours and hers are sometimes unfortunate enough into go to the wrong hands and get into accidents that threatens and makes them question about the purpose of living in this world at a very young age they don’t know what the word rape even means.

The article which I talked about is here below.

Also visit and answer the question “What do you think of TataMotors association with Lionel Messi?” below as a comment.Who knows you might win Rs.750 Amazon voucher.

I announce Alok as the winner of this contest.


9 thoughts on “The one #madeofgreat

  1. There is nothing better for a global company than a friendly association with stars like him who is driven by passion and commitment.It’s a sincere effort taken by tata motors for promoting their products across everywhere.


  2. The story of Legends in themselves – that’s how I will describe it in a short sentence. Very well written with the perfect mix of words which enhance the simplicity yet greatness of these great people. Salutations and very happy for you to have got inspired and bringing out your best in life.

    My answer: Tata is a name which any and every person can rely on for its honesty, commitment and perseverance. Lionel Messi is a legend who has carved his name in history books with total dedication to the game, simple living and improvisation which is seen with each game he plays. The association of Tata Motors and Lionel Messi as their Brand Ambassador will definitely give an edge to the Tata group over its competitors solely because the brand Ambassador also holds the same reputation of not letting his fans down ever, like Tata Motors who have given the best to the world over the decades. Its an exemplary association par excellence.

    You can choose my answer as the Prize winning comment if you feel I described it all well.. 🙂


  3. Yes, your take on Lionel Messi’s association with Tata Motors truly deserves a prize.Please write your email id as a comment below so that i can choose you as winner.Keep visiting.:)


  4. Hi Nivetha,
    Indeed a nicely written post. I wish you good luck for the contest
    Here is my answer
    The association of Tata Motors with Lionel Messi is that of two greats. Lionel Messi has been exceptionally talented who with his hard work, determination and sacrifices has got better and tougher in his chosen sport so is the Image, reputation and quality of TATA Motors that have transformed brilliant ideas into masterpieces of engineering and created a brand and products that we are so proud of as Indians. Lionel Messi has transformed his body and the mind body co-ordination into a masterpiece of precision and excellence it would not be wrong to say that Lionel Messi is the TATA Motors of sports where as TATA Motors is the Lionel Messi of vehicles both giants in their own spheres driven by the drive to excel and lead by example. So Lionel Messi is the best choice for becoming the brand Ambassador for TATA Motors


  5. Yours is a very well written post your .Its is a very nice description of #madeofgreat
    TATA Motors is a brand associated with performance, endurance and excellence. These words are also synonymous with Lionel Messi who plays as a forward and weaves his magic on the football field.Just as Lionel Messi is considered the best footballer in the world ,TATA motors which is Indias premier automotive manufacturer gives wheels to the people of India with its wide range of vehicles. Both believe in excelling in whatever they do and set examples for others to follow. They compliment each other as both are reliable trustworthy and leaders thus Lionel Messi is the natural choice as the brand ambassador of TATA Motors
    Please consider me as a winner


  6. I see both Tata Motors and Lionel Messi as pioneers. While the very name Tata is enough to make us go back to all our history books where we have seen there hardly is a comparable name that has contributed so much to the society in such an ethical manner, the very name Messi conjures up images of a boy-man who has turned the world upside down with his talent, determination, discipline and never-give-up spirit. The compatibility between the values they both share is intense and that is the reason this partnership works perfectly.

    With a concern for the society at large,everything that Tata has done has inspired us to dream big, conquer the world and pour all our energy back into the society to do good and inspire good. By facing his demons, Messi has done the same. He enjoys a God-like status in the world today because he dared to dream, achieved the sky and still hasn’t lost his humanity a bit. He is still a child at heart and he gives back with his multiple philanthropic activities just like Tata does!

    Talk to any person in India, ask them about the companies they admire the most. Tata is right there at the top. This name is beyond bottomline, spreadsheets, return on investment and share price. It is equivalent to soul of India-soft, kind, diverse, dynamic, eternal. Just like that Messi has emerged as not just another football player but someone whose very life is an inspiration, whose personal struggles are a template for others to emulate and who has morphed into an eternal legend.

    While it would take eons to write about what makes Tata Motors and Messi great, as their list of achievements is too long for us to even skim over, suffice to say that this partnership is for the ages. As they say, some things are made in heaven 🙂

    Thank you for this opportunity.
    -Richa Shailendra,


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