Appam and Coconut milk

Have you ever made appam?It’s a traditional dish made by many south Indians.Since it is sweet, it is also served as a snack or dessert. It’s a wonderful dish which is very easy to make.The side dish for appam(rice cake) can be sweet or spicy.But the best one is coconut milk.If your loved one is suffering from Ulcer, make this dish frequently.The problem will vanish into thin air.Now I will tell you how to make the usual appam so that you can try different variety of appams.You can make this appam in a small pan and serve it for dessert with coconut milk.


How to make appam?

If you are tired of making appam flour at your house, you can buy the flour at your nearest store which also saves lot of time.I am not sure whether the flour is available in North India.Just in case, i will tell you the recipe myself.

1)Soak 1 cup of raw rice, 1 cup of parboiled rice,  3 table spoon of urad dhal and 1 table spoon of fenugreek seeds in water.Keep it like that for a night and grind it the next day.Appam flour is ready.

2)If the batter is not thin, add water to make it a little watery but not so watery.You can add a spoon of Sugarfree Natura to the flour.

3)Now take a appam pan and let it dry in heat for five minutes.After that pour some oil, followed by appam flour.

4)Hold the pan and rotate it until the appam flour is spread nicely.Close the pan with a lid.Check whether it is cooked simultaneously.Once it is cooked, take the appam to serve it hot to your family.


How to make coconut milk?

You don’t have to go to college to know how to make coconut milk.Just grate coconut and add water.Then squeeze it.The milk is ready.Add Sugarfree Natura instead of sugar to the coconut milk, it will taste even better.

Appam is ready , so is coconut milk.What are you waiting for, eat and see how it tastes.I am sure you will love it.

Other famous appam

Unni(small) appam


Just add Jaggery to the appam flour and cook in Kuzhi Paniyara pan.

Fruit appam

Add your favorite fruits in appam flour and make kuzhi paniyarams.

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Trichy is the best

I have visited plenty of cities in Tamil Nadu and few cities in Kerala. Although I would say that when it comes to the city which is more drivers friendly, I would say it is Kerala. But I don’t have that much knowledge about all the cities in Kerala as it is not my native state.So I would like to talk about Trichy which is 5-6 hours traveling distance from where I live, that is Chennai.

About the city

Trichy is considered to be the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu. Many Tamil Scholars were born in this city.In this place, you can find many famous Hindu temples. There is a famous river named Cauvery and it has many visitors during major Hindu festivals. Not only that, in this city you can find more Muslims and Christians. What’s more, the place is also a heaven for North Indians as they own small scale businesses and large scale businesses in the heart of the city.Now let me list out the advantages of living in this beautiful city.

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Easy connectivity

I find, there are amazingly innumerable number of roads brilliantly constructed. This is the main reason why people find it easier to connect with the roads. In cities like Chennai, it is very difficult to find a particular address. After minutes and hours has passed only we will be able to find the exact location.I am able to say this because I have so many bad experiences in this city as I currently live here. But this is not true in the case of Trichy. Normally, you can find a place you are searching for within minutes. I know this as I have lived in the city before.

Less traffic or no traffic makes it easier to drive around the city

Even in rainy season, most people in Trichy drive smoothly.Only certain areas like Edaimalaipatti puthur, Crawford, Ponmalai, Malaikottai feel the wrath of floods and crowd. Trichy is usually not flood prone, so it takes at least a week to announce flood in the city that too only in some areas. You can’t see the sign of flood like you see on TV in Trichy which is really a boon to Trichy people.There is less traffic in the city but the public transport is flooded with people especially in the morning between 8-9 AM which is a drawback. The brighter side is that rarely you will hear news about accidents in the city which is a plus point.The traffic policemen truly deserves a hike in his salary.

The road design is pleasing to the hearts and minds of people

In traffic prone cities, people find it hard to relax. As a result, they fall prey to health issues especially that affects the heart. But in Trichy, people are able to cross the roads without rushing because of good road design, but the only people who find it uncomfortable are the people who travel during the morning and at night in bus as they are super crowded inside the vehicle and yet compared to Chennai it is nothing to worry about.This is my honest opinion.

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Blogging for peace-thankful life/thankless life

After hearing the news about Paris attacks, there is nothing came to my mind, I was fully blank as I am very aware that we are living in a place where anything can happen to anyone at any moment. We should be prepared to be surprised.We are not foolish, we read newspapers, watch news channels, and we hear lot of real life horror stories from our neighbors, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.Let’s touch our hearts and say, have we ever felt safe in this world?

Religions were created in the beginning only because we should not do anything evil.But today, it has become a great excuse to do something evil. These kinds of crimes happen only because there is no sympathy or empathy for fellow human beings. In simple words, “You and I are not same”.Though , we as an Indian feel the pain of the families of the victims, we can’t do anything beyond that.The reason is we don’t have power in our hands. We really don’t know how to stop the crimes that’s been happening in our own country for a long time. So what we need is a miracle to put an end to this misery and our leaders are no way magicians.

Indians, Srilankans, Pakistanis, Kashmiris, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Russians, Americans, British and the list goes on.The same we can say about the color of people. There is diversity but there is no unity.I am #bloggingforpeace for my country.If only we accept the fact for real all are our brothers and sisters, we can’t have harmony among our people.We call our planet, mother earth but how many of us actually respect it.If you go to various places in India, let me talk about Tamil Nadu where I live, you can see people’s saliva on roads(if you are lucky you might stamp on it), plastic bags, water bottles(the poor people’s treasure), chocolate wrappers, public trash can overflowing with  wastes and so people have to throw their garbage outside the cans.

Another example, when I was studying in high school as well as in college, so many girls ran away with their boyfriends without their parents knowledge.That time all I was thinking was why didn’t their friends advise them, what kind of parents they had, now how will their life turn out and what is the message they are indirectly giving to their young ones?.If all people learn to respect their own parents(except criminals)and the people who helped them in the walks of life, they will be living a thankful life otherwise there will be numerous people who will be leading a thankless life which makes them vulnerable enough to commit crimes that they know are capable of according to their strengths and weaknesses.

The one #madeofgreat

Yes, everyone of us know people who are made of great.We can go on and on about praising them, sharing our experience with them to friends, relatives and acquaintances.Gladly I will too speak about such an intriguing person in my blog. But I first want to talk about the people who were there for me and guided me well since I was born.After that, I will tell about the real life star, a total stranger, foreigner actually who made it to the top of my #Madeofgreat list.I have known many people made of great, they include political leaders, economists, social workers, transgenders but according to me this person is a true example of made of great.Eventually, you will know why at the end of the post.

First, there is my grandfather. Please know I am talking about my mother’s father. He has 8 children. My mother is his third child. He is a very strict person.He was an economics professor as well as college warden in a well reputed college back then. As he came late most of the days, he had to stay in the college itself. So he taught my grandmother who was nearly ten years younger to him to make his children write their homework in the hall itself. Only then, they will be allowed to enter their room. While eating, few of his children will cheat by not eating the vegetables. My grandfather will definitely not leave them like that. He will shout at them and make them eat it no matter how many sad faces his children make.

With his meagre earnings, he made all his children study (two of his children have completed master’s degree and two of them M.Phil, One engineer, two was an impossible task. But after his first son got a job as an chemical engineer his burden reduced, he also retired in the meantime and was able to run the family because of his loving children. He also got most of his children married after completing their masters for which my aunts should be thankful for am really proud of him.With this experience, I learnt, even if you don’t have sufficient money, borrow from those you know or from the bank to make your children achieve their professional goals.

Second, my grandmother.I remember this incident told by one of my aunts. One day, my grandfather brought along his good friend to home. As it was dinner time, he told the friend to eat Dosa with him. My grandmother panicked as she has to feed eight of her children. But she didn’t scold my grandfather. Instead she with her cooking ability managed to make very thin dosa. The friend also knowingly ate two dosas for formality and went home otherwise he would have eaten minimum five. In those days, people cared about their health a lot. So they ate plenty of healthy foods, dosa being one of them. With only my grandfather’s earnings, she managed to feed and raise all of her eight children who have turned out to be a real gem in today’s society. There are numerous incidents like this. The main point is the lesson she gave me. It is how to manage a household much out of little.

Third, my mother. All of my relatives will say this. There is nobody like your mother. She is a very silent, level headed person. Even in tough situations, she remains calm and tries to solve the matter whether it is education or related to my father, she will carry out her duty in the right way. Her polite manners always make other people trust in them immensely. We shifted to many locations as my father was working in a bank but in almost in all houses, she made the maids feel like it is her home. She cared for them deeply. After finishing the work, those maids will talk to my mother and then only they will leave. It was a part of their day-to-day life. We also gave them gifts during Diwali and Christmas. It was sad indeed we couldn’t keep in touch with three of our previous maids but the last one as she has a mobile phone we still talk to her. Today, we have shifted to Chennai permanently which is a place where three of my aunts also live. The lesson I learnt through my mother how to care for others with pure heart.

Fourth, my father. He is someone who helps a lot. He has helped a deaf and dumb lady to stand on her own leg. I am not sure about the whole story since I was so young at that time. My father brought a middle aged lady who had three big children. Their family wasn’t doing well. Her first daughter, son and she worked in our household occasionally. My father also took me to her house once. As we were living in a small town initially, there were not that many people. So my father made many friends there apart from helping the unfortunate. After leaving the place, we came to Trichy. When I was studying in 8th standard his father died but his mother died when he was five years old.So from then on he made sure he helps old age home and orphanage home (either one in a year).Through him I learnt no matter how much I earn, I should give a part of my earnings to these homes at least once in a year.

Finally, the one that made me salute and feel proud at the same was a very young lady close to my age. She is only 23 year old. She says she was raped approximately 43200 times. Now with this hard experience, she is now helping girls like her. You should really read the article for yourself. I am so touched by her.None of us, women will be able to endure such a nightmare like she did.Even if we did, what will be the first think plenty of us think about.I don’t want to think about it.She is undeniably more than trillion times #Madeofgreat.She has left a strong impression on me.She made me realize that girl children(few cases male children) especially in countries like ours and hers are sometimes unfortunate enough to go in the wrong hands and get into accidents that threatens and makes them question about the purpose of their living in this world at a very young age as they don’t know what the word rape even means.

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