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Cricket is a game that the whole of India loves to watch. The Indian youths especially is a die-hard fan of this game.Many are excited over the game being played on the playground. No one can say, I do not like this game because it is a game that our country is proud of playing.While it should not only be considered as a competitive game played by two countries, it should be considered as a game that promotes unity among countries.Unlike football and hockey, cricket is the most loved games among children.They simply can’t resist watching the cricketers play the game.Some watch the game for their favorite players MS Dhoni, Ashwin, Virat Kohli, etc.I am not saying this is bad but watching simply for the sake of the favorite players is something not to be proud of.I am not a big fan of cricket.Eventhough if I am a fan of this International game what will I do to not miss out on things that makes life worthwhile.

1)There are Dish TV’S that has the ability to pause or store the particular program which we want to watch later.It is a very big help.The Dish Tv stores the program, after finishing our chore, if we want to watch it we can very well do so.It is that easy.This facility is not available in some TV.There is also one more facility.If we want to watch a particular program on a particular timing, we can set the TV accordingly.This is one of the major advantage of buying this kind of Dish TV.Search in the market, if you find such TV which offers this wide service, do not hesitate to buy.

Why Internet is invented?For moments like this.You may be a housewife, office goer, student, etc.You cannot watch cricket in your own time.So when can you watch or where can you watch?That is why Internet facility is there.You can watch it anytime, anywhere you like.All you have to have is Internet facility at your home.If it is there, why worry?

Go watch in your neighbour’s house-No Dish TV or Internet facility.No problem.Go to your neighbour’s house.Ask them politely that you want to watch cricket on their internet or TV.Definitely they will not say no.So if they say some excuse, tell them the importance.They will hesitate for a while but eventually they will agree.You can watch peacefully cricket on your neighbor’s home.

Is someone bothering you?No problem.Ask them to zip their mouth for a period of time and if they say, they can’t, then offer them a present.They will surely agree.It is that simple.If you are not able to zip their mouth, ask them to get out of your house.If it is someone in your own family, then tell them , you want to watch the programme and you will do anything for them if they ask later.It will surely work.Try it in your home.

The above are all the things, I would try.If you have anything new, tell me in the form of comment.I will surely try in my home.Stay happy.Smile always no matter in what situation you are in.You will get through easily if you do that.

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