Khushi Ke Pal

I am one of the people that have experienced Khushi ke pal since my childhood.My parents consider us as friends. We share a lot of things. I can ask my mother anything. She will answer me. Our bond is so strong that nothing can break us. There was a particular incident that I would like to share. Once my sister completed her 10th std, my mother wanted her to join my school. We got the application form then I told my mother getting a seat in my school is not that easy. Unless you have recommendation letter from well-known person, you can never get a seat in my school.

My school is an Anglo Indian school. It’s also a very famous school in town. My mother didn’t listen to me. She just filled the application and submitted in the school office. Later, the principal gave seat to my sister. But the group she gave was not to our liking. We asked the nun to consider giving us science group but she didn’t listen. My sister’s friend who has got recommendation letter from a well-known person got the group she asked for.

My mother who didn’t listen to me first, told I should have listened to you. I was glad she realized. From that day on wards, she listens to me for everything. We share a great bond. My sister got seat another school.They gave her the group she asked for. Though she was not happy in that school, she was happy for the fact she got the group she asked for. Today she has completed her engineering in Electronics and communication engineerings and is now going to study PG diploma course in a government institute.All is well that goes well.It is indeed true in our case.Me and my sister share a fantastic bond with both our mother and father.This is what helped us a lot during our hard times.


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