Keep your house dirt free

Many of our house looks like a total disaster. It longs for a complete makeover.But due to some reasons, we are not able to give due attention to it. When I read this particular article, “Try these 10 easy steps to give your house a cleaner look and feel” on Reward Me, I knew, it will be helpful. Yes, I was right. It was indeed very helpful to me. It had  suggestions that a responsible member of a household should note it down.

Each and every tip is a true gem. We should try it. By doing simple things, our house will have a bright look.Out of the ten tips, let me tell it in my own words what I found worth trying and share it with you.

Never fill up the sink-We always do this most of the time.We fill up the sink with dishes and it looks like a mess.As and when we find time, we have to wash the dishes or put it in the dishwasher if we have one.It is that easy.

Put dirty clothes in a laundry basket-Do not pile up the clothes anywhere and everywhere.Usually, after taking bath, many will throw their dirty clothes simply outside the room.This kind of behavior should not be encouraged.Always put your dirty clothes in a laundry basket.Ask the other members of the family to follow suit.

Don’t keep items that you think are needed someday-This is recurring problem in every household.We all have the items that we think are needed someday.But we are not sure when they are needed.So as for now they can be kept in the store room or in a room in which more spaces are there.

Have the whole family to clean the house-You can conduct a game.Within 10 to 15 minutes, each person have to clean the rooms.After the work has been completed, we will be surprised to see how cleaner the house looks.

Let the floor have only furniture on it-We keep lot of things on the floor apart from furniture. This is not appreciable.Keep only the furniture on the floor and everything else should be kept in their own place.If you are not decided about the place, keep them in the store room.If you need them again, you can go get it.

Keep only the “often needed items”- Our kitchen is mostly flooded with many vessels and machines.If some of them are needed only once in a week or month, we can keep it in the dining room shelf.If there is no shelf on the dining room, we can keep it in the store room.

Do not store makeup and toiletries in bathroom-Very few do this.Our bathroom should be free from makeup items and toiletries.If there is a sink, it can be kept there.It doesn’t look odd this way.

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”


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