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Cricket is a game that the whole of India loves to watch. The Indian youths especially is a die-hard fan of this game.Many are excited over the game being played on the playground. No one can say, I do not like this game because it is a game that our country is proud of playing.While it should not only be considered as a competitive game played by two countries, it should be considered as a game that promotes unity among countries.Unlike football and hockey, cricket is the most loved games among children.They simply can’t resist watching the cricketers play the game.Some watch the game for their favorite players MS Dhoni, Ashwin, Virat Kohli, etc.I am not saying this is bad but watching simply for the sake of the favorite players is something not to be proud of.I am not a big fan of cricket.Eventhough if I am a fan of this International game what will I do to not miss out on things that makes life worthwhile.

1)There are Dish TV’S that has the ability to pause or store the particular program which we want to watch later.It is a very big help.The Dish Tv stores the program, after finishing our chore, if we want to watch it we can very well do so.It is that easy.This facility is not available in some TV.There is also one more facility.If we want to watch a particular program on a particular timing, we can set the TV accordingly.This is one of the major advantage of buying this kind of Dish TV.Search in the market, if you find such TV which offers this wide service, do not hesitate to buy.

Why Internet is invented?For moments like this.You may be a housewife, office goer, student, etc.You cannot watch cricket in your own time.So when can you watch or where can you watch?That is why Internet facility is there.You can watch it anytime, anywhere you like.All you have to have is Internet facility at your home.If it is there, why worry?

Go watch in your neighbour’s house-No Dish TV or Internet facility.No problem.Go to your neighbour’s house.Ask them politely that you want to watch cricket on their internet or TV.Definitely they will not say no.So if they say some excuse, tell them the importance.They will hesitate for a while but eventually they will agree.You can watch peacefully cricket on your neighbor’s home.

Is someone bothering you?No problem.Ask them to zip their mouth for a period of time and if they say, they can’t, then offer them a present.They will surely agree.It is that simple.If you are not able to zip their mouth, ask them to get out of your house.If it is someone in your own family, then tell them , you want to watch the programme and you will do anything for them if they ask later.It will surely work.Try it in your home.

The above are all the things, I would try.If you have anything new, tell me in the form of comment.I will surely try in my home.Stay happy.Smile always no matter in what situation you are in.You will get through easily if you do that.

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These moves refreshes me

Our life is not all roses.It has its own ups and downs.We have to move accordingly.We need to learn to accept the universal truth that life teaches us in our journey.At many times, we feel that the creator has cheated us in some way which differs from person to person.Sometimes, we are caught up in our own unique mess that we forget we must overcome this in order to live a happy and prosperous life.But what we do is we just put the blame on any of our family members who we think is responsible or God.It is not at all okay.We have to be self-dependent enough to cross the hurdles and come out with flying colors.

I watched the video Taazgi Ka Dhamaka , it was so lovely.Both Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda have done justice to the advertisement.Their cool attitude is a plus to the advertisement.I enjoyed the way in which Allu Arjun got refreshened up after brushing his teeth with Colgate Maxfresh.What I do not know is, it is Allu Arjun’s first time in using the paste.It should be because if it was the second time, he wouldn’t be dancing at all.

When it comes to which move of Allu Arjun I liked it is the one in which the actor uses a Hand Kerchief in his mouth and dances.It was very thoughtful.The step was fantastic.I liked every bit of the move.I had fun watching them.Another move which I liked was Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun uses their hands in cross position while closing their fist and began to dance.Anushka Manchanda dances behind him and he is before dancing.It was a bold step.It had come out fantastically.No wonder Allu Arjun is known worldwide for his acting skills and especially dancing skills.We, Indians, particularly all south Indians love watching him in movies specifically for his fabulous dancing movements.

Taazgi Ka Dhamaka is one of the best commercial ad in India.The artist selection is great.The location is even great.The dance movements are lovely and amazing.Allu Arjun’s dance is more than perfect.Anushka Manchanda too dances despite her great singing ability.This ad is definitely my favourite ad .It has made it to my list of favorite ads.It has everything.Famous actor and singer.Theme, location selection, etc.It refreshes me.If you ask me, I liked all the dance movements by Allu Arjun in this ad.But I am forced to choose few dance movements otherwise Allu Arjun and Manchanda has done enough justice to the part they have played.It was indeed a great experience watching them perform.You do not have to ask me at all.Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda is the best of all.I have watched Allu Arjun’s movies, his dancing skills are super.Will watch them again and again if I feel like .

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Khushi Ke Pal

I am one of the people that have experienced Khushi ke pal since my childhood.My parents consider us as friends. We share a lot of things. I can ask my mother anything. She will answer me. Our bond is so strong that nothing can break us. There was a particular incident that I would like to share. Once my sister completed her 10th std, my mother wanted her to join my school. We got the application form then I told my mother getting a seat in my school is not that easy. Unless you have recommendation letter from well-known person, you can never get a seat in my school.

My school is an Anglo Indian school. It’s also a very famous school in town. My mother didn’t listen to me. She just filled the application and submitted in the school office. Later, the principal gave seat to my sister. But the group she gave was not to our liking. We asked the nun to consider giving us science group but she didn’t listen. My sister’s friend who has got recommendation letter from a well-known person got the group she asked for.

My mother who didn’t listen to me first, told I should have listened to you. I was glad she realized. From that day on wards, she listens to me for everything. We share a great bond. My sister got seat another school.They gave her the group she asked for. Though she was not happy in that school, she was happy for the fact she got the group she asked for. Today she has completed her engineering in Electronics and communication engineerings and is now going to study PG diploma course in a government institute.All is well that goes well.It is indeed true in our case.Me and my sister share a fantastic bond with both our mother and father.This is what helped us a lot during our hard times.

Lose weight in the right manner

There are constant number of people who fall into the obese category.They try hard to lose their weight but most of the time, it results in vain.They do not know what to do, thus they keep trying.They lose hope in the process.I know a girl who has a weight problem, she tries to lose weight seriously, then again she is tempted by the sight of seeing food.Whenever she comes across tasty food, she is tempted to the core.She eats till her stomach is full.Many people advised her to eat less but she is not in the mood to listen.It always falls into the deaf ear.If you are obese, have the courage to lose weight, what are the things that you must follow?I state as follows.

Do your exercise-Start with simple exercise.Walk daily atleast 3 kilometres per day.Then increase to 6 km per day.You will massive difference within two weeks.I guarantee.You can also try yoga.It will help you a lot in losing your weight.

Get a weight machine-Check your weight daily.If you have gained weight, eat food accordingly.If you have lost weight, and eat the same amount of food.The weight machine helps you in the journey of losing weight in the process.I guarantee.

Eat fruits-An apple a day, keeps the doctor away just like if you eat fruits, you do not have to see a doctor at all ever in your life.Eat fruits daily.You will surely lose weight.As there are no carbohydrates in fruits, it will make you gain more weight.

Brush your teeth after eating-After you have eaten, you will be tempted to eat more.So immediately go and brush your teeth otherwise you are the one going to lose.You will gain more weight if you continue eating.Hence, brush your teeth to avoid the temptation.

Take pictures of yourself-Once in every week, take pictures of yourself.How you look?Do you look fat and ugly?Then it is time for a makeover.Do lot of exercises and drink lot of fluids.Eat less.After one week has passed, take another picture.You will have lost a reasonable amount of weight.

Wear skinny pants and jeans-This is one of the greatest method to lose weight.It will make you see the brighter picture of losing weight.When you look at the pants, you will tell yourself that you have to lose weight no matter what.

Just try all the above methods.You will start to notice your weight loss within a week’s time.Then tell the secret of your weight loss to other obese people.They will too will follow in your foot steps.You will then feel good.If you have tried all the method and still not losing any weight, go and see a doctor.There must be a problem.If the doctor says there is none, then keep trying these methods.

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Keep your house dirt free

Many of our house looks like a total disaster. It longs for a complete makeover.But due to some reasons, we are not able to give due attention to it. When I read this particular article, “Try these 10 easy steps to give your house a cleaner look and feel” on Reward Me, I knew, it will be helpful. Yes, I was right. It was indeed very helpful to me. It had  suggestions that a responsible member of a household should note it down.

Each and every tip is a true gem. We should try it. By doing simple things, our house will have a bright look.Out of the ten tips, let me tell it in my own words what I found worth trying and share it with you.

Never fill up the sink-We always do this most of the time.We fill up the sink with dishes and it looks like a mess.As and when we find time, we have to wash the dishes or put it in the dishwasher if we have one.It is that easy.

Put dirty clothes in a laundry basket-Do not pile up the clothes anywhere and everywhere.Usually, after taking bath, many will throw their dirty clothes simply outside the room.This kind of behavior should not be encouraged.Always put your dirty clothes in a laundry basket.Ask the other members of the family to follow suit.

Don’t keep items that you think are needed someday-This is recurring problem in every household.We all have the items that we think are needed someday.But we are not sure when they are needed.So as for now they can be kept in the store room or in a room in which more spaces are there.

Have the whole family to clean the house-You can conduct a game.Within 10 to 15 minutes, each person have to clean the rooms.After the work has been completed, we will be surprised to see how cleaner the house looks.

Let the floor have only furniture on it-We keep lot of things on the floor apart from furniture. This is not appreciable.Keep only the furniture on the floor and everything else should be kept in their own place.If you are not decided about the place, keep them in the store room.If you need them again, you can go get it.

Keep only the “often needed items”- Our kitchen is mostly flooded with many vessels and machines.If some of them are needed only once in a week or month, we can keep it in the dining room shelf.If there is no shelf on the dining room, we can keep it in the store room.

Do not store makeup and toiletries in bathroom-Very few do this.Our bathroom should be free from makeup items and toiletries.If there is a sink, it can be kept there.It doesn’t look odd this way.

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