If nothing works , get Ambipur

Almost every house in our respective town has some form of bad smell.It can be well explained to an extent.One of the most prevalent smell is that the one that comes from the kitchen dustbin.All forms of garbage can be found inside them.Vegetable waste, non-vegetarian waste everything can be found.The next one is dirty clothes.It is sad that many of us do not have time to wash all of our clothes immediately.We take some time to finish the chore.Now let me list out some of the things that I practice for my smelly house.

Scent or perfume Easy method.Instead of room freshener(if you don’t like buying one), take a scent bottle.Do you find bad smell coming from your bathroom or verandah?Spray scent or perfume.If you feel it is costly then buy a cheaper scent from the store.In this way, you can destroy the odour with less amount.

Clean the house with Dettol or any other thing equivalent We have always heard it like billion times.Clean your house daily to kill germs.But many of us are lazy people or office goers, so where do we find time?House maids these days are very costly.We can’t lose our hard earned money on them.Thus, atleast  twice or thrice a week, let us clean our house.It will surely help us to kill the foul smell.

Never invite any guest to your home This one is very simple.Why do we have to call our relatives, guests or outsiders when our house is smelling terribly?Hence, say some lame excuses to keep guests from visiting your smelly, smelly home.

Wash all your dirty clothes on a daily basis Do not be hasty.You know that haste makes waste.Never delay your process of washing your dirty laundry.You will be very sorry later on.Daily dirty clothes should be washed within that day or the next day.Do not put up for tomorrow, ever.

If nothing works for you, then go buy a room or air freshener.You will get excellent results.You can invite your guests very often to your house proudly.They will be pleased to see your house smell so good.They will then buy the same air freshener to their house also.It is a win win situation.Sometimes all it takes a room freshener to vanish all your problems.You will be at your best self.Your mind will be at peace.You do not have to meditate or anything.Entering your home itself is like a meditation.Anyway, buy a room freshener only if nothing works otherwise do not buy it.Why waste your money unnecessarily.I guess you have got my point.Use air fresheners, first of all to your bathrooms and toilets.It needs it the most.The best way to eradicate all kinds of odour is to buy an Ambipur for your house.It helps.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity atBlogAdda.com in association with Ambi Pur


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