A good reason to hug

My father have been my pillar of support in every walk of my life.Rightly, I have been blessed to have a father like him.I am so glad he is my father.He has helped me a lot during my best times and hard times.I can keep going on and on.I cannot say how much I love him.It cannot be merely put into words.

Once when I was studying in B.COM second year, there was a great job opportunity that knocked on my door.My father told me to attend the interview but did not want me to go for it.There is a reason for this.It is a small company.So whether they will pay the salary on time was a big question.I doubted too.But the college is sending me.Hence it must be a good company.I went there.I was selected too out of twenty five students.I was over joyed.I went and told my parents.My father did not approve me going to the company.He said the company might be a bogus company.I was shocked.He should be happy that I got selected but he is sad.I did not expect this.I rejected his idea and went to work in the company.I am telling this real story that happened to me because my father was caring for me.That is why he did not want me to join the company.He wanted to concenterate on my studies.It was crystal clear from his speech.

Next incident happened recently.I went to an interview in a very big company.I waited in the HR room.The HR called me after thirty minutes.They started the test.I finished the test and once again they told me to sit in the HR room.For about two hours I was sitting in the HR room.The HR then came and said two guys name.These two people only have been selected and I was not one among them.I was totally devastated.I do not know to whom to show my anger.I said thank you to the HR and went home.

I was crying that I did not clear the test.The test was very simple and easy.I was like whether they cheated.Does the two guys selected were recommended people from any of the employees.Many such thoughts clouded my mind.I was not able to think properly.I did not know what to do.

This is when my father told me not to worry and I will get better job than this.He asked me to apply to another job in the same company.First, I thought it won’t work, but again it may work.So I applied for another vacancy position in the same company and now waiting for the HR to call me.Hope I get selected this. Please pray for me.I have to thank my dad for suggesting me a good solution.This is why I proudly say that he deserves a big hug .Is he not?

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


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