Sweet old memories

In India, compared to mother’s day, father’s day was not that popular.In recent years only, it begin to flourish in and around India.It is yet to hit in villages.The literate people are aware why we are celebrating.Father’s day is a day when children appreciate the father and show their gratitude towards him for his presence and lending support when needed.Some fathers might be very strict with their children, yet his children love him unconditionally.This love cannot be explained through mere words.Sometimes love for the mother and father is the one thing that makes people live their life peacefully without any worries.Just being there helps to face day to day trials and tribulations.

There are many old sweet memories I remember about my father.He will always take care of yourself because nobody will take care of you one day.That is why you have to be bold enough to take care of yourself and not depend on anyone else in the world.His words were so correct.I have seen many selfish people.They all want their duties done by others.Thus they are blind about the fact, one day nobody will come to take care of them.What will they do then?This is the reason why we have to bend to the tune of the world.If it walks right, we have to walk right, if left, we have to walk left.Like this we have to learn to understand the path that the world shows us.We should not lose track for any silly reason.

Once I cried and told I would not go to school, my father tried everything.Unlike my mother, who shouted at me, he kept his cool head.He did not blink an eye.He kept this coolness throughout my silly stunts.Then I somehow learnt my mistake, I realized it is time to go to school, so bravely embraced the new route for happiness.My father put me in another school, it was less strict school so I thought.I enjoyed my days there for about five years.The school fees was very very costly.In my house, only my father was earning.With that money, how can spend money for two of his children’s fees?He is a God.I really have to thank for his tremendous support towards his two girl children.Each and every father is unique.My father gave his energy in making us pursue higher studies without any hindrances.My sister just finished her engineering and is looking for her job.I am going to finish M.com probably this year in correspondence course.This would not have happened, if my father thought why girl children should study first of all.That is why I proudly say, my father deserves a big hug.He really does.Hats off to him for being there for us in all the situations.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


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