My beauty tips

I always support herbal products.Especially the ones made in my own house.Never once I buy at the grocery shop except some face wash alone.I am of the opinion, we do not need chemical products to look good and to feel good.The best skin products can be made at our house itself.I have a bunch of home remedies for a wide range of skin related problems.They are listed as follows.

To lighten the scars or pigmentation Take one table spoon of honey and one table  spoon of lemon juice. Mix both the ingredients well.Then take a clean sponge and dip it in the mixture and apply it on your face.Let it dry for twenty minutes.After that, wash it off with warm water.

To cure boils Take one table spoon of curd and one table spoon of honey.Mix the ingredients together and take a sponge and apply the mixture on your face.Allow it to dry.Once it has dried , wash it off with warm water.

To vanish dry skin Apply coconut oil daily wherever you find the skin to be extremely parched.Repeat the procedure thrice a week.You will see huge difference.

To make disappear oily skin Peel off the oranges.Keep the outer layer under the sun for about ten to fifteen days.Once the outer layer has turned into a stone, grind it well using the mixie.Add curd to the powder and apply it on your face daily.Your oily skin would have gone by now.

To cure blemishes

  1. Take one table spoon of curd.Take one table spoon of lemon juice.Mix the ingredients well.Apply it on your face using a sponge.Dry it.Remove the residue after twenty to thirty minutes have passed.
  2. Take one table spoon of milk and one table spoon of turmeric powder.Mix it well.Apply it on your face and neck wherever you find blemishes.Wash it off if it has dried.The result will be evident.
  3. Take one table spoon oatmeal.Apply it on your face and neck.After it has dried, clean it off.For instant remedy, add lemon juice.

To relieve pimples Take one teaspoon of turmeric powder. Take one tablespoon Multhani mitti and rose water. Apply it on your face. Wash it only if it has dried unless let it dry some more time, then wash it.

To cure rashess Apply curd or coconut oil on rashess.These ingredients reduces the heat of the body, eventually it cools the skin.The rashess disappear in a week or two depending upon the severity.

To lighten the skin complexion Take one table spoon of milk.Using the sponge, apply it on your face. Repeat the procedure for three consecutive days.Your face complexion will improve.

I hope you all found the above remedies to be helpful.Please try it at your house if you have any of the problems listed here.If you know any beauty tip, leave as a comment below. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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