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Beauty problems is a day-to-day story in many people’s life.I can even a write a book about it.Everybody can.In each household somebody has a problem related to beauty.Blackheads, whiteheads, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, skin allergies, pimples, etc.We can get products to get rid of them.Not to mention, many manufacturers and new manufacturers are trying to find quick remedies for billion skin problems.This is okay.But do we have to buy these products from the shop?Can’t we make our very own skin product at home itself?It is not about spending money but about wasting money.While we can make excellent home remedy for various skin problems, then why put our hard earned money on chemical products.There are ayurvedic products too on the shop, we can buy it yet time to think, what about the cost that breaks your neck?So truly I say, you can make beauty products at the comfort of your home.It consumes our precious time but the result is worthy enough to forget about it.

Let me tell some of my tips for skin problems.I will just list a few so you can get an idea.

Milk facial

Take one table spoon of milk.Take a sponge too.Wash your face with clean water.Wipe it off with a clean towel.Then with the help of sponge, apply milk on your face and neck.Let it dry.After fifteen has passed,wash your face with warm water.This facial is used as a cleanser as well as to lighten your skin if it dark.If your skin is not dark, no problem, use it for cleansing your skin.

Lemon facial

Is your dark to very dark?Is it due to lot of exposure to sun?If your answer is yes, take a lemon and squeeze it to make juice.Then take one table spoon of lemon juice.Take a sponge.With the help of the sponge, apply lemon juice on your face.Keep it for only about 10 minutes.No more than that.There will be side effects in case of your negligence.This is for only people who have sensitive skin.For the rest, do this procedure twice a week.Your skin will glow like a sun shines.

Oat facial

Do you want your skin to shine and not look dull?That’s why oat facial comes to your rescue.Take oat meal.Apply it on your face.Let it dry for about fifteen to twenty minutes.Then wash it right away.You can see the difference immediately for it is evident once you remove the residue.

Lemon scrub

Is part of your legs and hands dark?Tried using creams?For a change, now try lemon scrub.Scrub lemon waste on your hands and leg for ten days.You will see the difference.You hands and leg will begin to shine brighter.This home remedy is very cheap and effective.

I hope you found these remedies very useful.Try it in your house.You will not be disappointed, ever.There are many other home remedies using raddish juice, carrot juice, orange juice, curd, etc.For using these wisely, you should be smart.That’s all.You can make millions of home remedies for everyone to try.Thank you.

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